Little Boy UW Accident

so as some of you may know I work at mcdonalds and have for over 3 years (almost 3.5 years) and I worked from 530am-1 today...I went on break about 9 am and something "interesting" happened on break..some days I wear briefs (as I did today) and some days I freeball (as I did yesterday) 

as always the first second I go on break I go to the bathroom (to pee) and wash my hands and then order food for myself 

as I was using the urinal I heard someone in the stall (there is only one toilet stall in the mens restroom) and being it was early in the morning it was quiet in the restroom, except for a father and son in the stall 

I overheard the father talking to the little boy (he couldn't have been older than 2.5 or 3 and probably just finished potty training) and the dad was saying "oh well you cant wear those dirty skivvies and you are going to have to go without until we get home" the boy didn't understand why but the father told him that because he had a poop accident, because he "wasnt feeling well" and the instant he took off his underwear he farted thinking it would be air and it was runny poop...the father wasn't AT ALL annoyed and said it happened and the boy didn't do it on purpose 

the father as I said told the boy he was gonna have to walk unsupported and throw the undies away, I presume he wears briefs as most boys after potty training do 

and right around the time I was finished drying my hands they came out the stall to wash their hands and the dad threw away the undies in the trash 

but that the boy was gonna have to freeball the rest of the day was really cool to me....I wish I would have been that young and first freeballed.... 

I later saw the dad at a table alone, while his son was in the playland, just being himself all dangling freely under his jeans 

what do you guys think?? what would you have done?

Bye Now

Nathan is LOVING the breeze and comfort of swinging freely under THIN loose pants with no pubies........

Freeballing Nate

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Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!