PAIN DIAGNOSED??? :CPPS or Prostatodynia

as some of you on the board may know I have had MANY symptoms of testicular pain and/or penis tip pain and some other symptoms I haven't talked about....but caused me to go from over 5 years not owning or wearing uw to a part time freeballer wearing briefs....

a poster on the wet dream forum (at www.wetdreamforum.com, if you are interested its a GOOD site if you do not want to mb and succeed in getting a wet dream) talked about this condition, the symptoms I am experiencing are as follows:

Lower back pain (can be lower or upper back and neck pain
Pelvic pain or pain above the pubic bone
Rectal pain (though VERY minimal)
Pain or discomfort in the penis tip or shaft (a HUGE HUGE HUGE symptom)
Testicle ache or pain ( another HUGE symptom)
Groin pain that can be in either side (or both sides)
Discomfort (or relief) after having a bowel movement
Painful ejaculation or pain after ejaculating

sadly there is no cure from what I have read online and very few treatments....but not mb has helped....

which again I can have ejaculations from wet dreams and NO pain or discomfort...but COMPLETE discomfort when I do ejaculate (I know Nat has said time and time again that ejacualtions from mb can only be good and healthy for you....and wet dreams bad)

heres a couple links for more info



anyone else know about this condition??

Freeballing Nate

heres some nice fb pics I found

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