Little Boy UW Accident

so as some of you may know I work at mcdonalds and have for over 3 years (almost 3.5 years) and I worked from 530am-1 today...I went on break about 9 am and something "interesting" happened on break..some days I wear briefs (as I did today) and some days I freeball (as I did yesterday) 

as always the first second I go on break I go to the bathroom (to pee) and wash my hands and then order food for myself 

as I was using the urinal I heard someone in the stall (there is only one toilet stall in the mens restroom) and being it was early in the morning it was quiet in the restroom, except for a father and son in the stall 

I overheard the father talking to the little boy (he couldn't have been older than 2.5 or 3 and probably just finished potty training) and the dad was saying "oh well you cant wear those dirty skivvies and you are going to have to go without until we get home" the boy didn't understand why but the father told him that because he had a poop accident, because he "wasnt feeling well" and the instant he took off his underwear he farted thinking it would be air and it was runny poop...the father wasn't AT ALL annoyed and said it happened and the boy didn't do it on purpose 

the father as I said told the boy he was gonna have to walk unsupported and throw the undies away, I presume he wears briefs as most boys after potty training do 

and right around the time I was finished drying my hands they came out the stall to wash their hands and the dad threw away the undies in the trash 

but that the boy was gonna have to freeball the rest of the day was really cool to me....I wish I would have been that young and first freeballed.... 

I later saw the dad at a table alone, while his son was in the playland, just being himself all dangling freely under his jeans 

what do you guys think?? what would you have done?

Bye Now

Nathan is LOVING the breeze and comfort of swinging freely under THIN loose pants with no pubies........

Freeballing Nate


FTL Briefs

I know this may sound weird for me to say this....but I have been wearing FTL briefs all week

mostly with jeans (and like the tightness and support with jeans) and wearing them to sleep too

I have a few pairs of varied colors....black, blue, red, and white (two pairs)

heres a pic here

what do you think??

I have also been trying to not mb more and more lately and FINALLY get a wet dream....my last wet dream was dec 2014

with that almost EVERY time i put them on I start leaking precum like a faucet

though I did freeball to work today and yesterday....so I am in no way stopping freeballing....

I have also been sleeping in those same briefs too..which feel AMAZING when I get an erection....and I wake up almost every morning with one...

I am on day 7 not mb now

WISH ME LUCK on not mb

Freeballing Nate


PAIN DIAGNOSED??? :CPPS or Prostatodynia

as some of you on the board may know I have had MANY symptoms of testicular pain and/or penis tip pain and some other symptoms I haven't talked about....but caused me to go from over 5 years not owning or wearing uw to a part time freeballer wearing briefs....

a poster on the wet dream forum (at www.wetdreamforum.com, if you are interested its a GOOD site if you do not want to mb and succeed in getting a wet dream) talked about this condition, the symptoms I am experiencing are as follows:

Lower back pain (can be lower or upper back and neck pain
Pelvic pain or pain above the pubic bone
Rectal pain (though VERY minimal)
Pain or discomfort in the penis tip or shaft (a HUGE HUGE HUGE symptom)
Testicle ache or pain ( another HUGE symptom)
Groin pain that can be in either side (or both sides)
Discomfort (or relief) after having a bowel movement
Painful ejaculation or pain after ejaculating

sadly there is no cure from what I have read online and very few treatments....but not mb has helped....

which again I can have ejaculations from wet dreams and NO pain or discomfort...but COMPLETE discomfort when I do ejaculate (I know Nat has said time and time again that ejacualtions from mb can only be good and healthy for you....and wet dreams bad)

heres a couple links for more info



anyone else know about this condition??

Freeballing Nate

heres some nice fb pics I found


Best Nude Sleep EVER!!!!!

Hello all, so I haven't posted in a while and I slept REALLY good last night 

if some of you don't know I usually sleep naked, but on occasion I sleep in JUST briefs too, last night I of course slept nude 

now I have slept naked for a long time (since about 2006) and I havent slept as good as I did last night in a long time 

from the way the sheets and comforter felt on my naked body 
to the way it felt when I had a huge hard-on, I did NOT AT ALL want to wake up this morning 

I also was surprised that the rash on my penis healed better too, from this great sleep, usually after only 2 days of not mb my penis rash is still a little sore and easily irritated, but not today 

and I wore jeans while freeballing to class today and there was still no irritation 

anyone else have nice amazing sleeps like I did last night?
Bye Now

Nathan is LOVING the breeze and comfort of swinging freely under shorts with no pubies........

Freeballing Nate


Shaved Pubes Part 2

So as some of you may remember I shaved my pubes for the first time at the end of may and I LOVED it.... 

although I went over 2 weeks before shaving again (I shaved last friday) and again yesterday I still LOVE LOVE LOVE having shaved pubes 

the first few days after the first time it was a little itchy, but that is gone now 

I also think I was shaving against the grain the first time so that may have caused the itchiness and the 2nd and third time I have shaved with the grain 

every time when I shave I get aroused and while shaving a get a semi and leak presemen, and long afterwards I keep leaking precum and am aroused for a few hours after 

does this happen to anyone else? 

the question I have for others: how do you shave with the grain but cut every single hair so you are COMPLETELY bald down there? I can shave about 98% of the hairs but there are still tiny little hairs... 
Bye Now

Nathan is LOVING the breeze and comfort of swinging freely under shorts with no pubies........

Freeballing Nate


Shaved Pubes for the FIRST TIME

sorry I haven't posted anything in a while...though i have been freeballing and still prefer freeballing I have been wearing briefs a lot too.....the rash is still SLOWLY healing....

though I will be busy with work and other things this summer I hope to post more regularly on this blog

I am of course on summer vacation (as of may 7th) and with that ONLY 3 MORE SEMESTERS UNTIL I GRADUATE with a bachelor's degree in elementary education!!!!!!!!!!!!

As some of you may know the rash on my penis head has been getting better SLOWLY for over 2 years, and just recently I thought of the idea of shaving my pubes and around my penis shaft to prevent stray hairs from irritating my penis head 

I have also heard how AMAZING it feels to freeball and be clean shaven in the pubic area 

I am 25 and NOT ONCE until today (less than hour ago) did I ever start shaving my pubes 

and though it felt a little weird to shave down there at first, my skin feels SOOOOOO smooth and I keep getting a constant semi, leaking pre-semen because of the feeling of no pubes... 

I had some trouble shaving my balls and the bottom of my scrotum near by anus.... 

of the people who do shave their pubes can you offer any tips?? 

is the itching days after your shave for the first time THAT unbearable and uncomfortable? 

this is only day one of no pubes but I can say it feels INCREDIBLE..... 

overall thoughts? 

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!