Hello!!!!! (and a small update)

sorry I havent posted on this blog in a while, I have been too busy and also not felt like it was worth it to say constant depressing updates on the rash

sadly I am STILL wearing briefs more than freeballing lately (though it is super cold anyways here in illinois) 

and wear briefs even to bed.... 

though I am having reoccurring wet dreams, 8 other since mid august and one as recent as 3 saturdays ago

so I have had 10 wet dream in total, including the first one when I was 12 years old

but the rash is somewhat getting better (though I'm not putting my hopes up too high) I think it was the fabric softener I use when washing my clothes.... 

though I didnt believe it when I heard it could be an allergy to that, I have used the same fabric softener with my clothes for a LONG time, including the entire period I was freeballing time (over 5 years) 

but I hope not mb, or not irritating the penis head in any way is helping it heal.... 

and I hope it goes away by the end of march, definitely by the start of summer 

I am comfortable in briefs but I STILL hate them and wish I could freeball fulltime if I could.... 

though I think I am comfortable in briefs because I have to be for the time being.... 

but I INSANELY miss the constant freedom of dangling balls and flopping penises and best of all a free ass, and wind on my naked ass..... 

but with this summer I will INSANELY love freeballing in shorts 

for instance last friday I wore unlined track pants without underwear and LOVED how it felt on my balls, penis and definitely my ass, its sad to admit but I think I almost have forgotten what it feels like to freeball again.... 

but I hope to update you all with GREAT NEWS of full time freeballing again.... 

that is all
Bye Now

Nathan is LOVING the breeze and comfort of swinging freely under red loose unlined trackpants.....

Freeballing Nate


  1. thats great the rash is getting better and hope it does warm up it is cold

  2. just to let you know I have been in the past woren almost every type of underwear I could find and one of the best ones I have tried was under armour boxerjocks. the material is super thin and stretchy they keep you package up but don't over warm it at all and if I had to go back to wearing underwear that would be my first choice the only thing that I would suggest is to buy them off ebay for less they are expensive to buy from under armour them selfs.

  3. Nathan on this rash is your sheets being dried with the fabric softener? Try rubbing some cortisone crème on your cockhead and use a rubber to hold the ointment on while you sleep in the nude. This gets rid of rashes. You be able to free ball and let that cold air float over your ass crack.....It worked for me using the rubber with a antibacterial for something else. Take a photo of your rash as all your followers have had some nasty crud on there cocks and may be able to help. XD freedom Bro

  4. Love your blogspot, i hope the rash gets better soon


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!