Hands Free Ejactulation "Experience"

so I havent actually masturbated since last tuesday but I have gotten quite hard while sleeping and with my girlfriend (no sex)

but last night was interesting

I was wearing hanes tagless briefs

and I was pretty tired but coulndt fall asleep

I kept tossing and turning, side to side, my stomach and back, getting hard and flaccid while precuming alot also

I then was on my back and started to get another erection

I was starting to fall asleep but didnt fully close my eyes or hit REM sleep ( I didnt dream of course either)

before I knew it my heart started racing and it got harder until my penis started thrusting and eventually I ejactualted in my briefs

I didnt do anything to make myself ejactulate.....

I wasnt dreaming so it wasnt a wet dream, but I wasnt masturbating or rubbing my penis on anything like masturbating

what would you classify it as, it didnt feel like mb or make my penis sore the next day like when I ussually mb.....and I created ALOT of semen in my briefs too....

I wound up taking them off in a minute or so and sleeping naked....

I have gone 5 days so should I count it as "masturbating" or not and start over?

heres a couple pics of the briefs, the cum is mostly dried now but u can still see it....


  1. That is awesome. My handsfree cumshots are THE best.

    So, were you purposefully not jacking off for any reason?

  2. the testicular pain and back pain is lessened the less I masturbate

    I get hard more often and easier when intimate with my gf

    the rash I have been having heals better when not masturbating

    and when I do masturbate again after 2-3 weeks I produce SOOO much cum and it feels SOOOO good

  3. Yep, saving up for a big load is always a lot of fun.


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!