UPDATE: BACK to Sleeping Naked and MORE freeballing

so until last sunday night (6/9/13) I hadnt slept naked for more than 1 night in a row for a LONG time..... 

and the one night I did I LOVED it and I slept sooooo much better 

the penis rash is better but I'm going to the dermatologist next monday (and will HOPEFULLY be back to full time freeballing by early august, *crosses fingers*) 

2 sundays ago I slept naked and woke up with no rash pain or anything 

and have slept naked EVERY night since, with no rash pain.... 

and will continue to sleep naked from now on..... (the way I prefer, I was surprised I could be comfortable with ANY clothes on, even briefs....) 

its also WAYYYY too hot up in my room to sleep with any clothes on, even briefs......even my blanket is too hot, even though I have a ceiling fan, but sleeping naked is the closest thing I can do 

I especially LOVED last night, I worked at mcds till 11pm and went to bed soon after I got home, but first I took and shower and being my private bathroom is connected to my bedroom I just climbed into bed after my shower, not putting on anything, no shirt and no shorts, and though I was a little wet it felt SOOO nice to climb into bed all clean and showered.... and naked of course too.... 

does anyone else do that?? 

well I am also freeballing in shorts as much as possible too, the only time I really ever wear briefs is with certain shorts, to work (there is too much movement at work, if my penis isnt contained and supported in briefs it gets VERY irritated, I learned the the hard way one night at work when I decided to freeball....) 

but also at work, and other times, I found some briefs (jockey seamless) that are soft, comfortable and perfectly supportive, and dont loose elasticity or stretch after washing and wearing (a thing that some ftl or hanes cotton briefs do on occasion) 

like last tuesday even though I MEANT to bring extra shorts (and briefs to put on) and change into after going to the pool I didnt and had to fb in my swim shorts, without a liner; i cut the liner out; while shopping at target and such, and wasnt in pain at all.... I am glad I forgot to bring the extra shorts and briefs.... 

even right now I am fb in some loose gym shorts and dont plan on putting on any briefs until wednesday, I am off tommorow 

well I hope I didnt talk too much I just wanted to update all who care on the rash and such.....

Bye Now 

Nathan is LOVING the warmth and comfort of swinging freely under loose shorts..... 

Freeballing Nate


Hands Free Ejactulation "Experience"

so I havent actually masturbated since last tuesday but I have gotten quite hard while sleeping and with my girlfriend (no sex)

but last night was interesting

I was wearing hanes tagless briefs

and I was pretty tired but coulndt fall asleep

I kept tossing and turning, side to side, my stomach and back, getting hard and flaccid while precuming alot also

I then was on my back and started to get another erection

I was starting to fall asleep but didnt fully close my eyes or hit REM sleep ( I didnt dream of course either)

before I knew it my heart started racing and it got harder until my penis started thrusting and eventually I ejactualted in my briefs

I didnt do anything to make myself ejactulate.....

I wasnt dreaming so it wasnt a wet dream, but I wasnt masturbating or rubbing my penis on anything like masturbating

what would you classify it as, it didnt feel like mb or make my penis sore the next day like when I ussually mb.....and I created ALOT of semen in my briefs too....

I wound up taking them off in a minute or so and sleeping naked....

I have gone 5 days so should I count it as "masturbating" or not and start over?

heres a couple pics of the briefs, the cum is mostly dried now but u can still see it....

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!