FIRST Sighting

so I have been a freeballer for over 7 years now 

but it wasnt until yesterday that I saw my first sighting of a fellow freeballer 

a white guy came into to mcdonalds where I work, I was on register and instantly when he came up to the counter I saw 

he looked to be mid 40s or early 50's and was wearing white trackpants.... 

I didnt mean to look but I VERY obviously saw a penis head and penis line....it may have been he was large or may have been the lighting 

but there was NO WAY from the way his penis head was visible that he was wearing ANY underwear under the trackpants.... 

he was with his wife and I didnt talk to them, nor could I have, its not polite or professional but still cool to see for the first time.... 

I later tried to watch him fromt he front counter as he walked to the drink station to see better, but wasnt able to.... 

it was quite distracting but made me happy..... 

it was good to know I'm not the ONLY freeballer in this town, which is what it feels like some times....haha 

hopefully he will come in again....

Bye Now 

Nathan is LOVING the warmth and comfort of swinging freely under athletic pants.... 

Freeballing Nate


Pre Wet Dream

first if some of you do not know I have been trying to have a wet dream since oct of last year, but never felt I could do it, or could stop mb

recently me and my gf made a pact for me to not masturbate as long as possible to help the testicular pain go away...

right now I am at 9 days and counting

so first I will tell you all again I have ONLY had one wet dream in my life, I was 12 (23 now) and had JUST hit puberty (it was an obvious indication I did) and then I ONLY wore white FTL briefs....

then it was embarrassing and not a happy experience

though I remember the dream like it was last night, I was dreaming and had to pee REALLy badly, I then remember not being able to hold the pee in the dream and when I woke up I was all sticky in my briefs

I now sleep nude most nights

last night I feel I had a dream somewhat like it (I rarely have dreams in general, let alone I can remember, even more so rare to have dreams where I have to pee)

I have been ab and not mb in over 9 days now (8 days last night)

I went to bed at about 1230 and feel asleep about 1245 or so....

I laid on my back, stomach facing up, with the comforter on top of me, but left hand resting near my right hip, and my head not covered

I will also mention I NEVER can fall asleep on my back, let alone in this position

I had a dream, I didnt even know I was dreaming at first, where I was locked in a room and the only was out was to climb a ledge near a window, and escape through the window

when I climbed the wall and tried to get on to the ledge I INSTANTLY felt the urge to pee

I felt like I started to pee and small amount in the dream, like I squirted a drop of pee

I then INSTANTLY woke up and started to develop a semi then intense hardon, which was then followed by LOTS of precum....

this went on for another 5-10 minutes with my penis getting flaccid and then hard again, with precum

this even more went on for over 30 min to an hour, with more and more precum depositing on my stomach and lower chest

I know for sure this wasnt cum, I smelled it and it had no smell, just like how my precum smells

I have NEVER precumed this much, even when I am with my gf

does this mean a wet dream is coming??

I also tried to dream the same dream again but failed...

even still I hope tonight I have a wet dream, and will NO DOUBT sleep on my back more and more

what do you think?

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!