No Briefs for over 2 days......

so since 3 pm monday I got off work, took a short shower and put on some cotton lined track pants without underwear.... 

since before I got in the shower that day I have not worn any uw (I only own briefs) 

and I forgot how much I LOVED it....though I am quite used to briefs I forgot how much I TRULY love freeballing.... 

also over 2.5-3 days is the longest amount of time I have gone lately (and 2 days is the longest amount of days I have freeballed to work in a row since last october) 

I of course have also slept nude too when sleeping, and forgot how much I LOVE that too 

but I plan to not wear them at all tomorrow....or the next day or the next ( I will let you all know when I get back to a week or more....maybe this will be the start of me full time again..... 

and my ball pain is not at all bad either....its pretty non-existent 

I also have not masturbated in over a 8 days (Masturbating I believe has increased the ball pain...) 

I'm hoping to go at least 15 days to beat my 14 day record and also I hope to go a whole month without MB to get a wet dream 

Wish Me Luck

Bye Now 

Nathan is LOVING the warmth and comfort of swinging freely under athletic pants.... 

Freeballing Nate


  1. Nate: I do enjoy your posts and hope your ball issues subside forever. The only time I remember wearing underwear is going to the Dr. for a check-up or going to try on pants at a store, otherwise it's FB'ing 24/7 and I, like you, enjoy the freedom. I had a friend notice when I was wearing sweat pants that had a hole in them on my ass cheek. He stuck his finger in it and only said, "you have a hole in your pants." He said nothing about me obviously not having underwear on. I think going comando is probably catching on. Why wear it?

  2. Do you want to talk? I'm new to this. I just tried it tonight and I kinda liked it. My email is codycade101@gmail.com


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!