Pain Update

as many of you know I posted more recently about me confessing that I have gone back to briefs to help the testicular pain I have had since mid may go away

well nothing really exciting to report but the earliest I could get into the neurologist is january 29th....

right now I am wearing sweats but briefs too

I also am trying as much as possible to not masturbate which also lessens the pain....

though yesterday I got off work and spent the night with my girlfriend and was planning on wearing briefs after a short shower but said "F*** it" and decided to freeball in my thin sweats....

my girlfriend didnt notice but I know my balls and penis LOVED it....

about the ONLY time I get hard lately is when I am with my girlfriend, and thats not brought on by me touching my penis, thats just the bodies reaction to me being aroused....

but anyways.....I will let all of you know what happens in late january and if I am back to full time freeballing soon after that....


Freeballing Nate


  1. Nate,
    Thanks you for tge update. please do not feel bad for having to wear underwear. It is a medical necessity. You should do what you need to do to get better. If it means wearing underwear all of the time, do it. There will come a time, again, when you will be hanging free.

    As for not jacking off, you know that the longer you go without shooting your load, the larger the load will be when you do shoot. I always abstain during Lent (from Ash Wedneday to Easter Sunday). On Easter Sunday, when I first jack off after more than 6 weeks without doing it, it seems as if I will never stop shooting. Instead of tossing my feet behind my head and sucking it all out, I always love to lay back on Easter morning, stroking my dick, and and let the cum fly. I am usually soaked in cum from my head to my belly button and the spasms feel so amazing shooting from deep inside me and rushing thru my penis.

    I do hope you find out soon what the problem is and the doctors can get it fixed so you can be freeballing again.

  2. Nate: Wow, I hope this issue clears up with you and turns out to be a non-issue. In reflecting back on 2012, I believe I wore underwear twice, once for a doctor visit and once to go to the mall to try on new pants. Thanks for the time you give to your blog.


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!