Honestly (Wearing Briefs)

to be honest more lately I have been wearing briefs than freeballing

from about early august (after the whole wearing briefs 24/7 for a month) to mid october I hadnt worn briefs or any uw at all

I was coming home from a funeral and freeballing in dress pants, and all the sudden my balls started hurting REALLY BAD

since then I have worn briefs more than not, almost every day at home, to work, and in public (though the days or nights I didnt I LOVED the freedom and comfort of no uw......and the freedom my balls and penis had)

though I dislike wearing briefs a lot....but I know the support of briefs AND ibuprofen helps the pain go away temporarily....and last july I got quite used to the support and found some briefs that I find comfortable to a point

I went to the doctor soon after near the end of october and they knew I had had testicular pain since about mid may

it never truly went away but I figured it would go away over time

my doctor had me yet again go to a urologist (a different one, and a WAY better one) who i know cared about my needs and did not have nice things to say about the other urology clinic....

the told me again to wear support, take ibuprofen when needed and put me on 3 weeks of antibiotics (and made a followup appt for dec 5th and said to see how I am, maybe having to do surgery)

that was november 7th and the antibiotics stopped november 28th

he enver told me to stop masturbating but I know that makes the pain worse...

I went back last wednesday and they are sending me to a neurologist thinking its is more nerve or brain related than genital related

no word on when that is but that will be late december or early january

I still try to freeball as much as I can, but also know briefs help the pain

I hope I can say by early or late February this is all worked out and I can go back to freeballing full time.....

I will keep you all updated as much as I can......

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