Red Short Running Shorts

so here are the red short running shorts everyone was asking me about and I tlaked about earlier on forums

the first 11 pics are of me fb in them....

the last 4 pics are of me wearing them with briefs....(yes I HATED wearing them for even 1 minute)

just to show how much is covered and hidden when wearing briefs over no uw....

what do you think??

do you think I could ever wear them in public? (with no uw of course)

in public should I ONLY wear briefs with them?

are they true running shorts or truly running shorts "made for gay male interactions" as one poster on a site said....?

would you ever wear them in public without uw? with uw? do you have a pair of shorts like these?

would you ever buy a pair of shorts like these?


  1. Yes you could wear them in public of course with out underwear, It look great and very comfortable.
    Yes they are true running shorts, Its not for Gay male. I have some running shorts like that, that I cut off the lining, its a Nike running shorts.You could see them in freeballing.com. It is grey.

    1. Yes they fir well on you.


  2. Yes, you can wear them in public, just as I do. You just be mindful of when you're bending or squatting and when you choose to allow or not allow yourself to be exposed. It's fun!

  3. I'm surprised you haven't thrown away those useless briefs yet...

  4. I spent my own money on them, but I prob will soon....they are collecting dust in my closet....

  5. There is no possible way I could wear those shorts when freeballing no matter how much I would let them sag. I am not bragging, just being honest.

    That said, yes, I encourage you to wear them freeballing as long as you are comfortable in them. Just be mindful that you might flop out of them every so often.

  6. yes I will wear them in public of course freeballing, coz I'm a full time freeballer.
    Yes I would buy a pair of short like that, I like it very much.

  7. i agre with D they don't look one bit comfortable freeballing unless you were a girl they are too short for us strait men out there that fb

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  9. Hey Nate, you could totally rock these shorts without underwear! If you're into exhibitionism these would offer a great view while doing some leg stretches or as a poster stated, some squats. I don't have a pair like these but I would definitely wear buy and wear them in public. Where can a get a pair?


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!