Wearing Briefs For 3.5 days....UPDATE

These Pics above are me in my briefs too.....what do u think????

after 3.5 days I am somewhat used to wearing briefs.... 

and sort of enjoy them ( I mean I have to at some point, when I will be wearing them for 2-4 weeks straight) 

I still would prefer to be freeballing and will go back to full time freeballing after the weeks are over 

BUT if those 2 weeks had to turn into 4 I would be ok with that too 

I have some briefs that are really tight, and some that are moderately tight 

I have learned that the really tight ones are the best to wear to work with all the movement I do there 

but the more looser briefs, with still lots of support at better at home or with friends.... 

the only thing I hate right now with some of the looser briefs (that still support my balls very well) is that my balls when its hot still WANT to hang low, and sometimes fall out the side of my briefs... 

there is also some of the briefs where the ass part rides up and I have to readjust the briefs.....which is REALLLY hard to do discretely in public, where it happens most times... 

and the rash has not returned either....that must have been a thing that happened the first day and it wasnt just my balls and penis that had to get used to the hotness and support.....but my ass too....it went away thursday morning and hasnt come back at all since... 

the testicular pain has also mostly gone away too 

but its hard to tell if thats cause of the ibuprofen pain meds or the briefs.... 

also the one time I didnt wear any support was when I went swimming yesterday, with my swim shorts that are almost like board shorts, even more so because I cut the liner out....( I have also NEVER worn uw when swimming, even as a little kid when all i wore was white breifs...)and even though I maybe needed the support, the thought of tight ass breifs all wet and also soggy briefs after swimming was too uncomfortable to think about 

in a way not having support hurt my balls worse then, probably because they so used to support lately...but I could tell my penis LOVED the freedom, although I am glad it didnt get too excited or even a little excited at the pool....that was only for about 2.5-3 hours though....then I changed back into shorts and wore the briefs again until I went to bed at about 12 am 

the pain while swimming also could have been attributed to pain meds wearing off and that I masturbated the night before ( I wont again until the 2 weeks are over) 

I am also getting past the embarrassment or shame stage of wearing briefs too, and just accepting that I have to wear them....I still try to hide that I am wearing them as much as possible, but I did the same when I covered up the top of my ass or pubes when freeballing, by wearing a belt or long shirt... 

I also still sleep naked and will continue to do so, thats the one time my penis, balls and ass are free.....and I also cant sleep comfortably any other way...though I do sport a hard-on the second I get into bed, waiting to take off the briefs until then.... 

just thought I would keep you guys updated.... 

Bye Now 

well the uw is here for now in briefs.....but they will gone VERY soon!!!!!!!!!! 

Freeballing Nate


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  2. Good for you.

    The first load you shoot after weeks of not jacking will be a supersoaker, guaranteed!

  3. lol good to know I guess.....

    it will be worth....not just cause it had been so long since jacking off....but because ill be freeballing again....and my penis and balls will be unsupported....

  4. I think freeballing helps my balls to produce a lot more cum...or maybe I just have good genetics.

  5. i agree.....i have lots more semen too....or maybe because we are seeing our penis and balls more.......you are hornier more...and thus jack off more....

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  7. Yeah, I jack off more, selfsuck more, get in the middle of threeways more, and I am just crazy about my cum. I could drink it all day. ;-)

  8. may I ask who you are d???

    are you a full time freeballer or part timer??

  9. Fulltime freeballer and always skinny-dipping at the lake and at swimming holes. I love being naked outside as much as I love freeballing.

  10. how did u hear about my blog?? have i talked to on email or im before??

  11. I did a Google search a while back looking for freeballing blogs. No, we have never chatted before.


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!