Sweaty (3.5 More Days LEFT!!!!)

so I am SOOOO glad that friday is my first day back to fb again.... 

and the day after that I am going on a week vacation out of state (about 5 hours away) and not bringing ONE SINGLE PAIR of uw..... 

but today I went for a short walk with the family dog, about 30 min long and it was VERRRRY hot (about 90 degrees F) 

I was wearing white briefs and plaid shorts and 10 min in I was already all sweaty down there.... 

I was even MORE sweaty when I got back home, my butt was all sweaty and my ball sack too 

I even changed into a different pair of briefs.... 

I miss having a breeze up shorts so they are not as sweaty or not sweaty at all when doing that without uw.... 

less than 3.5 days until I am full time freeballer again!!!!

Bye Now 

well the uw is here for now in briefs.....but they will be gone VERY VERY VERY soon!!!!!!!!!! 

Freeballing Nate

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  1. Nate: I hope you made it back to freeballing now and are happily back to normal. I decided to wear uw for a dr.'s appointment this past Tuesday but didn't even need to, as he didn't ask me to remove even my shirt. An hour later, I came home and went right back to my comfort zone, no uw!!!


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!