Doctors Orders.........Briefs....

so as many of you know I am a full time freeballer and have been for over 5 years.... 

but I have also had some problems with my testicles lately (since may 4th) 

and they somewhat diagnosed the pain as Epididymitis (even the doc yesterday wasnt sure that it still was that) 

and I have gone to the conventient care doctors 3 times now 

all prescribing antibiotics for the pain 

and over those 3 times the pain has gotten better but not gone away completely (its still hurts at a 3 or 4 out of 10 scale) 

and the third time they put me on separate antibiotics but also referred me to a urologist.... 

that was over 2 weeks ago 

but yesterday was the actual urologist appt.... 

he siad to take a certain amount of ibuprofen every day, 3 times a day for the pain

now of course all 4 times they had me remove my shorts then and there in the room and they instantly saw me freeballing 

none of them ever said, why dont you have underwear but 3/4 of them did say I should take the antibiotics but also to wear some supportive uw i.e. briefs for the pain 

of course the first time and even 2nd time I blew it off and havent worn any uw, ESPECIALLY not briefs.... 

but this third time, yesterday, the urologist said it again 

they said to do this for 2-4 weeks, or until the pain goes away 

and I am wondering if I should or not 

I dont own any briefs (or only have like 2 pairs that are very cheap and ugly) 

I also have plenty of money to go buy some but dont know if I want to, or should spend money on them 

I am also hesitant because 
1. its been over 7 years since I have worn them 24/7 (though I will still sleep naked) 
2. wearing them would remind me of how much of a shy dorky loser I was back in 9th grade when I wore them, and the briefs themselves are very ugly to me 
3. the support of course is VERY uncomfortable 
4. I again would have to go buy at least 5-6 more pairs at least to last a week of washing clothes 
5. I dont even know what is the "best" type is, I only ever worn plain white briefs.... 
6. I am hot already walking outside, and moving around at work, in my dress pants, especially when I am put on fries.... if I wear briefs I will be VERRRRY hot down there 
7. my penis will be VERRRRY crowded and my balls will feel like they are crushed for the first few days 
8. the one time I tried briefs for like 10 minutes since yesterday my balls have actually hurt more, but assume its cause my balls are not used to support 

what do you think??? 

should I ignore the doctors and continue to freeball?? 
or should I slowly transition to wearing briefs....until I am "used" to it

Bye Now 

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely 
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE mesh shorts!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nate...wear the damn underwear. You are NOT going against your principles. You are doing what the doctor has advised you to do. You went to the doctor because you want to get better. If you aren't going to do what he said, why did you go?
    As for remembering back to 9oth grade, please do not look on the past to what you were...because you are no longer who you were, you are who you are now.
    Maybe you could just get some jockstraps. At least you would be wearing only half of the underwear, that way. :-)
    So, do what the doctor says and get better. Then you can go back to freeballing again.

  2. ok i will

    and i imagine jockstraps would feel wierd and more uncomfortable than briefs.....i have never worn them before...

    those 2 weeks will be EXCRUTIATING too lol.....

    but when i cn take them off I will LOVE the freedom....


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!