Socializing With Friends....

I was hanging out with friends last night 

a group of about 7 people 2 guys 5 girls including me watching a couple movies.... 

this was around 7pm, so almost dark but not totally dark 

and I was NOT in the mood to wear my usual plaid shorts to hang out....its ALWAYS what I wear in public 

but I decided to wear a pair of my red "dazzle" shorts instead 

like these but red: 

and although they are AMAZING to freeball in with how amazing the material feels on your bare ass and penis/balls but also how much freedom and movement there is in them.... 

but I had only wore them once in public before (I bought them early march) 

and NEVER once around close friends.... 

as you can imagine with how loose they are....if you are looking for it you can briefly see my penis head and in general how OBVIOUS it is that I am freeballing under them (especially int he way my penis and balls move back and forth and such) 

so of course with that I was worried if anyone would notice.... 

it was all paranoia and nothing happened but I was still nervous and worried for the first hour or so....and kept making sure my legs were together or my legs were flat.....so that no one could see up my shorts.... 

it may have also helped that NO ONE in that group of friends know I freeball or have ever been given the idea...as far as I'm concerned they probably think I wear boxers or even briefs with how sensitive and somewhat sheltered I am (or used to be) 

what do you think?? 

was there a reason to be worried?? 

am I fine to wear them again with friends....???\ 

I can take pictures later if you want??

Bye Now 

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely 
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE mesh shorts!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good for you that you were brave enough to freeball around friends who don't know! If they noticed, they may have just assumed that you had on thin and baggy boxers. But so what! It's not like you were exposing your naked body to them. If any of them kept looking, then perhaps they appreciated the show!

  2. Perhaps you have already covered this topic in the past, but I thought I would suggest anyway: How to avoid penis-head skin irritation when freeballing. Freeballing is great, but I find it can cause my circumcised penis-head to become more irritated. I suppose the material of the clothes are a big factor. Anyway, just a thought for a topic on your great blog.

  3. I am circumcised and have NEVER had penis-head irritation. My shorts and jeans are always loose and I have never experienced this condition. Probably because I have been freeballing for so long but my penis head has never lost any of its sensitivity.

  4. Post more pictures!

  5. I have moments where I am irritated by certain pants or shorts when freeballing....

    usually this is jeans or cotton shorts.....never in sweats or gym shorts

    and 99.9% of the time this is because I jacked off the night before....

    all I can say is, your penis will get used to the feeling of no uw, and just bare clothes....the longer and more often you freeball I mean....

    and also if needed use some fabric softener when washing or lotion

  6. Ya know Nate, these days with all the young guys wearing mesh shorts and usually boxers underneath ...which hides and restrains very little ...okay maybe takes the edge off the outline of a cut cock head ...most folks are just used to seeing a guys junk movin' around a bit under their loosey, baggy shorts ...red dazzle or just plain mesh ...it's not a big deal these days. If they catch a glimpse of your dick well, it's just the type of clothing you're wearing ...it's almost *expected* that you'd see a guy's tool every now and then. It's cool that you're hangin' with friends and I think you should just keep "hangin'" ...if you change something now, they'll know. But I can appreciate the inadvertent boner and what to do with it. I like to wear long T-shirts or a tank top when getting used to a new pair of shorts ...or the "white count" is high ...that way if something comes "up" I can discretely pull the shirt down over my wanton erection.

  7. Cock irritation ....def a bummer. I find FB-ing in jeans will sometimes cause some problems. You really have to find what works for you clothing-wise. And ultimately you need to take care of the boys first and worry about freeball activities second ...at least that's my personal policy. I go commando when I can but if I know I'm gonna have potential irritation probs, well then ya gotta do what ya gotta do ...and that might mean slipping into some undies ....


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!