LOOK AT THAT TWO POSTS IN ON ME WEEK...WOAH!!!!!!!!!!( I am sorry if my post updates are random, with 2 in one week, and then once every two months.....I can't plan when a new post comes to me...but I will try to get better at posting something at least once every two weeks...)

I have noticed in the last year or so that everything you buy has a liner in it...

from mesh shorts( i actually have a pair by the same brand that a few years earlier did not have a lining)

track pants

and of course, swim shorts or board shorts...
with that that has always been the case....even when I was a little kid, but I have read on the internet that us inlanders all have to buy them with liners in them....where on the coasts, they never sell them with a liner, even the same brand does that....

do you guys see what I am talking about in your experiences of buying things...?? any other types of pants/shorts you used to not see with liners but now do, or think do not need a liner...

the stupid thing is if I see a liner in anything I buy I always cut it out anyways less than 5 minutes after purchasing it...

its also silly I think for swim shorts and board shorts to have a liner.....I sort of get it, its so guys who wear briefs or other supportive underwear are STILL supported, but don't most guys wear underwear under them too??? so whats the point in that.....

and don't they realize that JUST as many guys who wear supportive underwear don't and wear boxers or no uw at all???

before we know it they will start putting them under sweatpants and jeans to completely hide the fact that guys even have a penis....Haha

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE track pants!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am now starting to find real board shorts (no mesh!) at stores like Bass Pro here in Dallas, TX. But I agree that this is still hard to find. There should be a law against those horrendous mesh linings - they must have been designed by a person who hates men's privates!


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!