New sweats (wear in public??)

so a week or so ago, I got some new sweats, that although were a little more expensive than usual, I knew I would enjoy once cold weather came

well, of course it finally came to central Illinois last saturday, and the first second I could I slipped on the new sweats....

all I can say is WOW, are these comfortable, they are a little thicker and more heavy duty than the other pairs I have

and I think they will last longer too

but why I am talking about those on here, is to ask some advice

the sweats are so nice looking and comfortable, I want to wear them to college soon, and I will eventually....

but looking at them in the mirror, I have a notion that you(and anyone else) can EASILY tell I am freeballing under them (not as much as you can with the older sweats, but still)

as I said they are thicker, but even when I am completely limp/flaccid you can easily see a penis line and the tip of my penis head....

(you can see my penis head most noticeably in the pic 3,4,6,7 and 8 from the top down.....)

do you think that is too much to show off in public??

or should I just not worry and enjoy the freedom and comfort in them at school? also, should I just see if anyone comments on them next week....

what do you think??

lastly I realize none of this will be obvious when sitting down...and it will most likely always be obvious when I walk...

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE Sweats!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'd say go ahead and wear them...then again, I am an exhibitionist always flopping around and proud of showing off what I got. :-) BTW, awesome pics!

  2. hello!, i like your web page... from another fulltime freeballer from mexico!! go ahead... i think anybody will really notice if you freeball under those sweatpants... it is quite the same as if you were using boxers...it's just the same... except you're not wearing a thenth of an inch thick piece of clothing..!!!!

  3. i'd say go ahead and wear them... the lighting in your pics don't throw any shadows to see an VPL's. If you flop around, so what. Nothing wrong with it.

  4. Wear them - looks all fine to me. As you say, thicker material and who cares anyway?!

  5. Go for it!!!! You look great. I wish I looked like that.

  6. Thanks guys

    I think I will wear them to school on tuesday....wish me luck....

  7. How did it go?

  8. I hope you went ahead and wore them. They didn't look more suspicious than if you were wearing boxers with them. How did it go?

  9. Since I'm new to freeballing and since my dick leaks if I get aroused, how do you deal with a wet spot on the front of your jeans, pants, shorts "down there"?


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!