Young Sleepwear

I have seen on multiple sites about sleepwear as young kids

and I am curious what we all wore to sleep at different ages, more so before puberty....

I myself wore my clothes I wore during the day until about age 7 or 8, and although my parents always wanted me to wear pajamas I refused and eventually they gave up

and then about 8 or so I decided that with my clothes keeping me hot at night I would JUST sleep in my white briefs( I only wore briefs until the age of 15), no shirt, no bottoms, just me and my comforter

and I did that for years, even when I switched to boxers at 15, I still slept in JUST boxers, and did so until I discovered sleeping nude at age 16 or so

now that I think about it though I don't know why I didn't just take off the undies and sleep naked as a kid....haha

what about you??


  1. I, like you, slept as a kid in what ever I had on during the day. Changing clothes was just too much trouble. In junior high, I started realizing the discomfort of so much clothing and I went to sleeping in my tighty whities. I always shared a room with one or two brothers, so I did not start sleeping nude until after college. I continue to sleep nude simply for comfort.

  2. I slept in either pajamas or underoos as a kid. Beginning at 12, though, I started sleeping naked and no matter where I am, I haven't worn anything to bed in 29 years!

  3. I have slept naked ever since I was 15. I shared a bedroom with my older brother and he got me into sleeping naked and we were always seeing each other naked, anyway, and sometimes, we'd fool around together all of the time until he went away to college.

  4. I always wore pajamas to bed underwear and everything my mom kept trying to get me to just sleep in my underwear which I just could not do. but now that I have been freeballing I have been sleeping naked or in pajamas without underwear now. looking back I wish I had just listened to my mom in the first place and slept in my underwear then it would have been a simplier transition from underwear to freeballing.


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