Previously Hated

(All images are of me if anyone was curious....lol)

do you ever find that shorts you hated either the look or feel of when you wore underwear you actually like a lot or love now

I Have had this happen a lot recently, I used to hate the way that either plaid shorts looked and felt with underwear, but since freeballing I LOVE the way it feels on my bare ***...that was over 4 years ago

but more recently I have noticed that khaki pants and shorts I thought looked ugly and felt bunched up when wearing undies before ( although that was over 4 years ago), but I again love the free feeling inside them and love the feel of the shorts on my bare ***

the same can also be said for sweats, although I never hated them I just never wore them much before freeballing, but as most of you may know on here, I LOVEEE the way it feels when freeballing in sweats, from the freedom of my balls and penis to they way it feels my ***

the opposite can also be said, I utterly hate to wear jean shorts now, whereas when I wore boxers I didnt mind and thought I looked decent in them and wore them ALL the time in the summer, but now I hate how much chafing there is and how rough they feel like when freeballing....

but on a last note I discovered another love for jeans which I usually wear in public during the winter, I love the freedom in them and love the way it feels on my *** and penis/balls, which is funny cause I hate that with jean shorts as I said above....lol, I guess its how tight versus loose they are....

how about you??

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE Mesh Shorts!!!!!!!!!!

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!