Possible Fellow Freeballer

so last thursday I noticed this guy in one of my college classes was wearing sweatpants, and most of the time I'd not think twice or care to look....

but his shirt kept riding up, and every so often I would be able to see down his back when he was sitting....now I was never able to see ass crack, but I did not see an underwear waistband or the usual riding up common with boxers either....he also seemed like he couldnt sit still, maybe cause he was not used to fb.....if in fact he was fb

also I will mention, I do not at all know this kid, he gave me a pencil once when I needed one but thats it...

because we were in class i did not want to look obvious that I was checking to see if he was fb or not, but what do u think??

I of course will look next time and in the future to see if he in fact is fb, moreso because I have never ONCE known anyone in person to be a freeballer.....well there prob are guys at my school who do I just never looked or knew anyone personally who did...

also if I DO find out he fbs, should I approach him some day or just leave it alone....and think happily to myself....haha


Schools Rec Center

so this semester was the first semester that my community colleges rec and fitness center was finished, and of course because I am trying to get into shape and lose a little body fat, I decided to use the treadmills for a bit last monday for the first time, and I am glad I did

usually on a school day if i tell myself to use our treadmill at home after school, I wind up not doing so out of being worn out from the school day, and I figure if I do it there i will have more motivation...

well of course being a full timer, I freeballed in my usual black Basketball shorts while on the treadmill, for about 30 min or so, and I def got a little sweaty

I always planned to shower off a little bit, just to get the sweat off, not use shampoo or anything

but what I meant to say is while changing my pants/shorts I was so nervous and scared I would offend someone with my freeballing....and when changing into I was fine because the guys before me left a little bit before, but after my workout I was SO NERVOUS

for instance I took my clothes i changed into next to the shower, and then didn't even change into them there, and went back to the lockers, well by that time there was one person and then they left and then another guy, and I moved to a section where he couldn't see me change into my jeans freeballing

I was soo annoyed at myself for being so nervous and scared to change in front of another guy, which in reality was stupid cause he was changing from a towel after a shower into underwear and then dress pants, so he had to have shown ass or genetalia at some point....

I honestly think I was like that for two reasons, I live in a VERY conservative town, hang otu with mostly conservative friends and the college is a conservative college, so I was scared to show ANYONE that I was freeballing....lol...which is really quite silly since it WAS a guys locker room....lol

also i did mostly the same thing when I changed for PE class senior year, although I just did it quickly, compared to hiding stupidly....lol

lastly its even more annoying cause I SO VERY comfortable with my freeballing and naked body, I am just worried what someone would say if they saw I freeballed....but i should be more open to the fact that either they will hate it, and I will most likely never see them again, wont say anything at all, or I may make someone a convert....

what do you think??

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE Sweatpants!!!!!!!!!!

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!