Walmart Trackpants

SO about a month ago I bought some new pants

THESE http://www.walmart.com/ip/Starter-Men-s-Nylon-Track-Pants/16346413

they are VERY loose, and made of nylon...

they are REALLLLY comfortable track pants and of course the main reason for that is because I wear them without underwear.....

I didn't start wearing them on a regular basis until last monday because they are quite noisy and I thought it was more than obvious that I am freeballing under them.....(but now I don't care they are just that amazingly loose and comfortable to not wear them)

I also cut out the mesh lining too....which makes them more loose and not as hot...

I definitely recommend them to any other freeballer who likes loose pants...

I still have not worn them in public, but I think I will soon...

anyone else worn track pants like these??

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE Sweats!!!!!!!!!!


Freeballing Birthdays

now as some of you on here may know I ALWAYS make a bigger deal out of my birthdays than I ever should (I say why not, I love life too much to not do so)

but yesterday I turned 22, and I realized that it was the 5th birthday I had where I was without underwear, being I had started fb full time summer 2007...

and I know my birthday was A LOT more exciting and comfortable because I was without unders....

theres nothing worse then having a bad day on your birthday cause you were not comfortable in your pants/shorts....haha

lastly although it was completely a joke, I was getting ready to go out to dinner and walking to get my clothes out of our dryer in just a towel and my dad made his usual joking comment" i dont think you want to go out to eat in just your towel", then I said, "well it is my birthday, why not go in my birthday suit..."

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE Sweats!!!!!!!!!!


New sweats (wear in public??)

so a week or so ago, I got some new sweats, that although were a little more expensive than usual, I knew I would enjoy once cold weather came

well, of course it finally came to central Illinois last saturday, and the first second I could I slipped on the new sweats....

all I can say is WOW, are these comfortable, they are a little thicker and more heavy duty than the other pairs I have

and I think they will last longer too

but why I am talking about those on here, is to ask some advice

the sweats are so nice looking and comfortable, I want to wear them to college soon, and I will eventually....

but looking at them in the mirror, I have a notion that you(and anyone else) can EASILY tell I am freeballing under them (not as much as you can with the older sweats, but still)

as I said they are thicker, but even when I am completely limp/flaccid you can easily see a penis line and the tip of my penis head....

(you can see my penis head most noticeably in the pic 3,4,6,7 and 8 from the top down.....)

do you think that is too much to show off in public??

or should I just not worry and enjoy the freedom and comfort in them at school? also, should I just see if anyone comments on them next week....

what do you think??

lastly I realize none of this will be obvious when sitting down...and it will most likely always be obvious when I walk...

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE Sweats!!!!!!!!!!


Freeballing Not Acceptable (or is it...)

I have heard on here and other fb sites, that one of the huge reasons that most part timers, are in fact part timers is because they don't think its "appropriate, or OK" to freeball during certain times or under certain pants/shorts

I can in some ways see this, but myself being a full timer for over 4 years, I have worn many different type of pants and shorts without underwear

there have been times where I feel like I may "show" too much in them, but always remind myself, if I waste even one cent on boxers, I will not be able to enjoy what I am doing, and will be uncomfortable physically down there and mentally cause I'll be annoyed that I wore them

the most "questionable" things I have worn are somewhat thin cargo shorts/pants, and dress pants

but in the long run after I did wear them I was very glad I freeballed under them...

now I have never worn a real suit, and can understand if you have to for a certain occupation, but if you clean yourself well after using the bathroom, it can last just as long as when you wear underwear with them.....

what do you think, is there ever a time where underwear MUST be worn for certain events, or articles of clothing??? and if so, what is your reasoning??


Tightish Jeans

so I recently got some new pairs of jeans, and although they aren't at ALL as tight as 501's, they are a little snug in the ass region and DEFINITELY in the penis/balls region

in a way I don't mind too much cause they will stretch out slightly the more I wear them, and its weird, I kind of like the tightness too

I of course LOVE the looseness of bball shorts and sweats, but I think its the fabric of the jeans again my ass and genitals that feels so nice

but it may also be the fact that when I start freeballing 5 or so years ago, I wore jeans every day to school and to get more comfortable psychologically with freeballing I always just took off my jeans, then put them back on without boxers.....a first love you could say...haha

do you have any jeans that are somewhat tight, but not 501's?? are you also normally used to wearing loose pants such as sweatpants??
Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in Loose Sweatpants!!!!!!!!!!


Mesh Liner: Freeballing or not

 if you have things like basketball/gym/mesh shorts or track pants and they have a mesh liner underneath them, and you choose to wear them without official underwear per se, are you freeballing or not??

I say no, because your balls and penis are not "FREE" which is obviously the definition of freeballing, and are supported by the liner JUST like how briefs support your genitals.....

in that case if I ever see a liner in such shorts or pants I always cut them out.....what do you think?? do you also cut them out?

the same can also be said about swim shorts/board shorts......if they have a liner you aren't freeballing, but those are in my opinion meant to be worn without underwear (and I always have even when I wore tight briefs with other clothes as a kid)

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE Mesh Shorts!!!!!!!!!!


Young Sleepwear

I have seen on multiple sites about sleepwear as young kids

and I am curious what we all wore to sleep at different ages, more so before puberty....

I myself wore my clothes I wore during the day until about age 7 or 8, and although my parents always wanted me to wear pajamas I refused and eventually they gave up

and then about 8 or so I decided that with my clothes keeping me hot at night I would JUST sleep in my white briefs( I only wore briefs until the age of 15), no shirt, no bottoms, just me and my comforter

and I did that for years, even when I switched to boxers at 15, I still slept in JUST boxers, and did so until I discovered sleeping nude at age 16 or so

now that I think about it though I don't know why I didn't just take off the undies and sleep naked as a kid....haha

what about you??


School Freeballing

even though this will be my fifth start of a school year freeballing in shorts and then soon jeans to school, I still find myself worried that I will bend over the wrong way and expose my ass crack or something to people and gross them out with the idea of me freeballing

this is also a random thought because I am VERRRY oblivious and never really notice people around me (a good thing sometimes, being if someone gives me a dirty or mean look I am not offended)...but still....

even more so with this summer, I got new shorts that because I waited to get them at the last minute, are one size too big, and I constantly have to wear a belt so they don't fall and/or I wont show that I am freeballing...(and I HATTTTE belts, but have had to wear one all summer)

what do you think?


Previously Hated

(All images are of me if anyone was curious....lol)

do you ever find that shorts you hated either the look or feel of when you wore underwear you actually like a lot or love now

I Have had this happen a lot recently, I used to hate the way that either plaid shorts looked and felt with underwear, but since freeballing I LOVE the way it feels on my bare ***...that was over 4 years ago

but more recently I have noticed that khaki pants and shorts I thought looked ugly and felt bunched up when wearing undies before ( although that was over 4 years ago), but I again love the free feeling inside them and love the feel of the shorts on my bare ***

the same can also be said for sweats, although I never hated them I just never wore them much before freeballing, but as most of you may know on here, I LOVEEE the way it feels when freeballing in sweats, from the freedom of my balls and penis to they way it feels my ***

the opposite can also be said, I utterly hate to wear jean shorts now, whereas when I wore boxers I didnt mind and thought I looked decent in them and wore them ALL the time in the summer, but now I hate how much chafing there is and how rough they feel like when freeballing....

but on a last note I discovered another love for jeans which I usually wear in public during the winter, I love the freedom in them and love the way it feels on my *** and penis/balls, which is funny cause I hate that with jean shorts as I said above....lol, I guess its how tight versus loose they are....

how about you??

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE Mesh Shorts!!!!!!!!!!


The Occasional Breeze......

So Yesterday I found a new sensation I didn't know existed (well kinda)

I stood on top of an air condition vent in my house that's on the floor and it went RIGHT up my shorts....

I have always loved breezes up shorts when freeballing but that was probably the best....

I would say it was the closest to an experience years ago when I first started going full time and a breeze went up my shorts when I was on a boat traveling really fast....that lasted for about 10-15 minutes at a time

anyone else have any breeze up shorts stories or experiences???

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE Gym Shorts!!!!!!!!!!


4 Gloriously Free Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry this is a little late, but Saturday marked the day that I have been exactly 4 years since I stopped wearing any underwear......next year will of course be five.....which is a big milestone for me

I knew this a little over 6 months being without unders, but even still I do not at all ever see myself going back to underwear ever again....

(sorry I posted this so late I had a busy day)

I also want to thank all of the guys on the board here for helping me get to even 6 months, let alone now, 4 years.....

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE Sweatpants!!!!!!!!!!

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!