New Shorts

a week from last sunday I went to walmart and bought some new mesh/basketball shorts because I only had one pair, and only had that pair for lounging around

well anyways, I went to look and soon found out that all of the basketball shorts had a mesh lining inside them....???

I was very confused because the one pair I had I wore for PE class sophomore-senior year, and it was the exact same type of shorts, even the brand name was the same (starter), and I was annoyed they had a lining in them....the only difference was they had a different material on them, and were a different waist size

I am mostly annoyed that over 5 years time, they decided to put a lining in them for some reason, do all of you find this to be the case with mesh shorts??

do you possibly think that more guys are freeballing underneath them, and starter thought to put a liner in so that guys wont be unintentionally showing off their penis/balls??

or was it just possible I bought mesh shorts, instead of basketball shorts.....

no matter what, I bought 2 pairs of the black shorts, and when I got home, I cut the liner out of one of them....

I will admit I like that they have side pockets in them, I do not know how many times I went for a walk in my other basketball shorts and had to carry my wallet, my phone, a water bottle and my Ipod, or out in public, my wallet, my keys and my phone all in my two hands

Well I swear I am done complaining now, your thoughts???

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in sweats!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Good for you for cutting out the silly lining. I can't wear those, they are too loose and there is too much obvious swinging around going on inside.


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!