Spring Freeballing Again

yesterday was the first day in a whiel I wore shorts because it was nice enough (warmth) to wear them

after I got home I went for a short walk with my dog in my bb shorts you have all seen on here

and then later I put on some plaid shorts and freeballed in those

today at school I also wore some different plaid shorts

it felt like yesterday and today that it had been years since I freeballed in shorts haha

I had forgotten a little how much I loved the breeze and the fabric of the bb and plaid shorts on my naked dick and balls

I also had forgotten how loose my plaid shorts are, with them falling a bit, almost to the point of sagging if I wouldn't have pulled them up

which I think is strange cause since last summer I have gained a bit of weight, but also I have been running on a treadmill and I now know it wasn't pointless to do so....lol

well I hope all of you have been fortunate enough to freeball in shorts like me, or can do so soon........

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!