Guessing Underwear...

Which one???

do you ever on a daily basis wonder what close friends or family, either female or male wear as underwear??

I never think hardly about it, (just when I daydream which is a lot of the time...lol) but since I stopped wear underwear I sometimes wonder, I NEVER ask them anything for obvious reasons, but still wonder...

and of course because I never ask, I usually don't know unless I see a glimpse of underwear waistband on accident, or when changing...

and lastly I wonder some day if I should ever talk to my verrrry close guy friends who wear boxers if they have ever freeballed before?? I just wonder if some guys would like or even love the comfort of freeballing and are either too scared to try it or do not know freeballing is an option

lastly I will admit even before I knew what freeballing was I as did everyone in school have an idea what type of underwear a person wore, the geek wore briefs or the cool kids wore boxers for instance, although usually my stereotypes were wrong, as seen in the locker room...

lastly I am like scared to talk about freeballing to my guy friends cause I don't know what they would say back (or think I was gay and coming onto them or something) although the few guy or girl friends I have talked to about it usually are cool with and talk about the 1 or 2 rare occurrences they have tried it...

your thoughts??

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE Sweatpants!!!!!!!!!!



I have thought in the last few years since I have been fulltime

how do the guys that wear briefs stand all the tightness???

in my opinion briefs are the most uncomfortable underwear known to man

now I have not worn them in over 5 years, but all I remember is being very tight and having to reposition myself a lot when I was wearing them, and if I ever HAD to go back to undies, I would choose boxers over briefs any day....

now I can understand if a guy doesn't know any other type of underwear (like my father for instance) or as a little boy they don't know

and also as a kid, your penis and balls aren't really developed enough to have any reason except comfort to give them freedom

but for a guy who has tried boxers, is old enough to know better and still wears briefs, why would they choose to wear them day in and day out....

so let me ask you, for the guys who are part time and wear briefs, why do you do it, how can you stand it?? especially how can you stand to go from briefs to freeballing over and over....

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE Sweatpants!!!!!!!!!!


Just Read (may gross you out)

ok first off this may be gross to some of the readers

but I have not a new post in a while so I thought I would post and see what you thought....

around last sunday I had a pimple like growth on my inner thigh and thought it would go away (with acne treatment, I also use for my face and nether regions) but well it did not go ago

and that next Wednesday I went to my local doctor and they figured out it was a sebaceous cyst


and when I found out what it was, they gave me antibiotics and just to let it go away naturally, without letting it get infected with band aids and antibacterial cream

but why I am saying this is, I am sooooo glad I freeball fulltime cause if I would have worn underwear, either boxers, it would have brushed against it and made it verrrry irritated, but with briefs I would have wanted to kill myself over the pain.....its directly near the section of my groin where theres a crease between my inner thigh and balls....and the actual cyst is about 1 or 2 cenimeters in diameter or was a couple days ago...

so let me ask you....have you ever heard of someone getting one before, especially at the age of 20....

would you be glad you don't wear undies either if the same thing happened to you...or for the people who do part time, would you have been super uncomfortable???


Freeballing Nate

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in mesh Basketball Shorts!!!!!!!!!!


Religious and Political beliefs

I am curious how religion and political beliefs factor into to what type of a guy freeballs or do not freeball

for instance I grew up a roman catholic, but over the years I have lost my faith a little bit, but I am now an agnostic, but yet more than that cause I believe you will go to heaven after you die, but all the negativity and bad things surrounding religion turns me away from it...(hopefully that makes sense)

and I would most likely consider myself liberal

lastly I am 20, I'll be 21 in November

what about you??

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in mesh Basketball Shorts!!!!!!!!!!


Holes in Shorts

For some reason many of my pair of plaid shorts get holes in them right near the ass cheeks....

now this is only 2-3 pairs so that is not very many but enough for me to question....does this happen to any of you very often??

the good thing is that the 2-3 times it happened I either had a long enough shirt to cover up the hole or I am at home when I realize it...I usually just feel a draft or feel the fabric of the thing I sit down on...

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in mesh Basketball Shorts!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. sorry it has been so long since i posted on here, I have been awfully busy, with a death in the family, and me enjoying my school free summer...


New Shorts

a week from last sunday I went to walmart and bought some new mesh/basketball shorts because I only had one pair, and only had that pair for lounging around

well anyways, I went to look and soon found out that all of the basketball shorts had a mesh lining inside them....???

I was very confused because the one pair I had I wore for PE class sophomore-senior year, and it was the exact same type of shorts, even the brand name was the same (starter), and I was annoyed they had a lining in them....the only difference was they had a different material on them, and were a different waist size

I am mostly annoyed that over 5 years time, they decided to put a lining in them for some reason, do all of you find this to be the case with mesh shorts??

do you possibly think that more guys are freeballing underneath them, and starter thought to put a liner in so that guys wont be unintentionally showing off their penis/balls??

or was it just possible I bought mesh shorts, instead of basketball shorts.....

no matter what, I bought 2 pairs of the black shorts, and when I got home, I cut the liner out of one of them....

I will admit I like that they have side pockets in them, I do not know how many times I went for a walk in my other basketball shorts and had to carry my wallet, my phone, a water bottle and my Ipod, or out in public, my wallet, my keys and my phone all in my two hands

Well I swear I am done complaining now, your thoughts???

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in sweats!!!!!!!!!!


Spring Freeballing Again

yesterday was the first day in a whiel I wore shorts because it was nice enough (warmth) to wear them

after I got home I went for a short walk with my dog in my bb shorts you have all seen on here

and then later I put on some plaid shorts and freeballed in those

today at school I also wore some different plaid shorts

it felt like yesterday and today that it had been years since I freeballed in shorts haha

I had forgotten a little how much I loved the breeze and the fabric of the bb and plaid shorts on my naked dick and balls

I also had forgotten how loose my plaid shorts are, with them falling a bit, almost to the point of sagging if I wouldn't have pulled them up

which I think is strange cause since last summer I have gained a bit of weight, but also I have been running on a treadmill and I now know it wasn't pointless to do so....lol

well I hope all of you have been fortunate enough to freeball in shorts like me, or can do so soon........


I Finiallly Wore Sweatpants!!!!!!

today I finally got the courage to freeball in sweatpants to school

I was still nervous as shit before I left the house as usual, but I said to myself just do it and after i get in my car I cant do anything about it after that

most days before I would put them on and then see how my dick line was a little visable and put on my regular jeans

but today as I said I wore them to school

I only had math today for 2 hours, so I knew I wouldn't be at school long....

although even in my car I know my penis got hard at least 4-5 times before I got to school

and once I got there, I put my bag in front of me, covering up my crotch I have a over shoulder bag

and got into math just fine....the first 1/4 or so I was nervous that I would uncontrollably get hard, but I didn't

but after that I was fine and enjoyed it quite A LOT....it was sooo much looser and SOFTER than my usual jeans I wear to school....

and the main thing I was worried about is that someone would know I was freeballing under them, and ask about my freeballing, ect and I would have been very embarrassed, but not once did that happen

I may not do it soon, but I will definitely do it more now, I just need to get some more sweats haha

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in sweats!!!!!!!!!!


No Pants Commercial

I was looking online at all of the Super Bowl commercials from last Sunday ( this one site has all of them together) and I saw this one and it just made me laugh in more ways then one

(I don't ever watch the actual game cause I hate football, i just sometimes watch the commercials the halftime show and the puppy bowl)

the commercial goes as follows, lots of men are walking in a field shouting "I swear no pants!!"

its a commercial for dockers

in the commercial all the men are wearing a shirt or button up shirt and only have underwear on below, most of the men in the commercial are wearing briefs of all different colors

now why all the guys are wearing only briefs and no boxers is my question ( maybe they thought guys in boxers would confuse people and make them think some guys were wearing briefs and others just short shorts because boxers are shorts basically....)

but I think someone should do this commercial with guys like us, freeballers, haha, oh wait never mind that would never be able to be shown on tv......haha

what do you think??

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in sweats!!!!!!!!!!


Brief Nightmares.....

sometimes I have these nightmares that go as follows

I am in some public place with friends, family or random people around and all the sudden I realize that I am in fact not freeballing under my jeans or shorts

the worst part is that the type of underwear is briefs (the worst underwear ever created in my mind, because of the tightness)

well of course I want to take them off as soon as possible, but because I am in a public place I cannot, and I do not want to go to the restroom either because for some reason there is no restroom around or because I am so nervous and scared to

I know for sure that they are verrrry tight and uncomfortable and I want to get them off so I can go back to my freeballing

so throughout this dream I feel anxious to get them off (but yet again I cannot), and yet worried that someone will see that I am wearing white briefs, and be am embarrassed because of it

also even though no one ever sees that I am wearing the white briefs, I am verrrry embarrassed in general that I am wearing them and feel like a nerd or a loser because of it

also in these nightmares I can feel how tight the briefs are in the real world (which doesn't make much sense cause I sleep naked), and I can remember how tight they were still now being I only stopped wearing them 5 years ago

almost like if in a dream you see a waterfall, you jump into the water and soon found out you wet the bed

also on another note in this reoccurring dream I am only ever wearing briefs, never boxers or any other type of underwear

is it possible because even though I have been fulltime for only 2.5 years and freeballing part time for a year before that, my unconscious mind is not fully used to the idea of freeballing??

also briefs was the longest type of underwear I wore, from after potty training to the age of 15

so readers on here why do you think I keep having these reoccurring nightmares????

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in sweats!!!!!!!!!!

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!