Pulling Up Pants and Shorts

I find that when I am pulling up my pants or shorts onto my naked ass, it turns me on

If I am near a mirror, like at home in the bathroom, I always find myself looking in the mirror at my naked ass as I slowly pull up my pants or shorts

and I will admit I am not in shape, but I am not fat either, but that is not why it turns me on

I think it is more that I am freeballing, and because I love freeballing, it is sooo sexy for me pull them up slowly over my ass

does anyone else do this, or am I just weird??

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of his Penis and Balls freeballing in his loooose Basketball Shorts!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I agree. I have mirrors everyhwere in my apartment. :-) I just like watching myself, I guess...my xtube account is proof of that!!!

  2. Freeballing Nate (blog poster)10/06/2009 5:25 PM

    which xtube account is that???

  3. do you ever go shirtless in public?
    or barefoot?
    you should try both!

  4. I Was just wondering, are you gay? I know it doesn't really matter but you keep posting pictures of men, and I was just curious. I am not a bigot.


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!