sleeping nude in a hotel bed........

even though this has nothing to do with freeballing

but most freeballers are nude sleepers too,right??

so I was at a hotel with my family on vacation all last weekend, from thursday 7/2-7/5 we left home 7/5

and I was a little scared to sleep nude because my sister and her boyfriend were sleeping in the other bed in the room

well I was glad as hell that I did sleep nude all three nights, and I know I would have not been able to sleep if I hadn't

I also hid my shorts and shirt I had on when I got in the bed inside the sheets

now I know obviously they don't change the sheets on the bed as often as they should (which should be every night) and people have sex in them and other stuff

and let me tell you this was a verrrrry fancy and expensive hotel, not a cheap motel

its the drury hotel chain, the one we were at is in st louis near the arch

but do you guys sleep nude in a hotel bed??? this is also more for fulltime nude sleepers like me...but obviously part timers can be in the conversation too

that's all

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of his Penis and Balls freeballing in his loooose Basketball Shorts!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey,
    When you freeball are you worried that your pants might creep up your crack when you walk?

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  3. what???

    are u asking if I am worried if my crack is showing while freeballing????

  4. I think he means do worry about your pants creeping into your ass crack. Doesn't happen to me in shorts or jeans and I don't wear anything else.

    I have no problem sleeping nude in a hotel bed or having sex in one for that matter. ;) I would have gotten into bed sans shirt, but with shorts. What did your sisters BF wear to bed?

  5. I always sleep nude in a hotel bed just as I do a home all the time. I insist that the hotel change the sheets daily. Most of the time they ask if you want that or not. Just got out of the hospital today, and again freeballed all the time under the short open baked hospital gown. I am proud of my uncut penis.

  6. i think he means that sometimes when u walk (it happens to me) your pants creep into ur ass so people can see you are freeballing

  7. Yes. I always sleep naked. When vactioning with friends and sharing rooms with them, I am not shy about being naked in or out of bed (they are used to it by now). But when I went to California with my aunt a few years ago, I did like you, I went under the covers with boxers on...but once I was under the sheets, the boxers came off. :-)

  8. Freeballing Nate7/14/2009 6:49 PM

    hey first off whoever ananoyous is that asked about the pants creeping up thing

    email me here relover89

    or im me
    aim fblover2389
    yahoo relover89

    I will not answer your question until you do

    or unless you ask it again more clearly

    or come back for that matter

    thanks Freeballing Nate

  9. I always sleep nude in hotel beds and at home. Can't stand the boys being squeezed at night.

  10. Nate, its been a while since your last post, when is the next one?


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!