now this rarely happens to me of course

but twice this semester in math I have had a hard-on in class

now luckily both times, today and some other day, both days I was wearing jeans and it was hidden well

it was still very tight and I tried to push it down, but it didn't help

it was pretty uncomfortable, but it was fine and went down very quickly

I am glad this rarely happens in public, but find it weird how I have heard on here that it never happens once you are fulltime...

it a way it was a turn on, but also very annoying...

how often do the rest of you have this happen throughout the time you have been fulltime??

this can either be in suits or jeans or sweats ect..

but how did you hide it??? or did you just leave it alone and let it go down like I did???

that's all


  1. I shove my hand in my left jeans pocket since that's the way I tend to hang.

  2. I just let it alone. I have been freeballing for many years and often have had an erection in public. I act like I don't realize it, and watch the expressions on people's faces who notice it.


  3. p.s. today it happened again, luckily we didn't have class, and I was just sitting at a table away from everyone..

    I have an idea that when I do wear my sweats to school (college), I have not yet, but when I do that's the first thing that will happen...which would of course not be good

  4. nate, i dont care, if i get a boner i just leave it alone, if they want to look then they can, if it seems its not going away i just sit for a while or i hit the toilets and stroke one out, it doesnt happen often. rob, the_paboy.

  5. flaunt it if you got it

  6. I have been going commando for a long time. I don't even think about it. I get up in the morning, slide on a pair of shorts, have tea and some sort of light breakfast, shower, shave, and get dressed. At no point, do I even wonder about whether or not to wear underwear; I simply don't. I have on occasion had an erection at work, sometimes because I see someone attractive but usually without a specific cause. Since I am generally wearing slacks or suit pants, there is considerable room for expansion. I just keep working and soon enough, it goes away. Don't react to it, and others are unlikely to notice. If they say something, ask them why they are staring at your crotch. That terminates the conversation quickly. The only time, I recall it happening in a public setting where I was walking around was at a mall where I took my son for back-to-school shopping. I was wearing a tighter pair of jeans and realized a couple of young adolescent boys had noticed. Nothing I could do about it, so I just continued shopping with my son who was perhaps eight.


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!