Basketball Shorts

maybe it is just me, but I lovvvvve freeballing in basketball shorts in the summer, or spring if possible

the feeling of the mesh like material against my balls and cock is amazing!!!!!!!!

and even though I bet if someone looked, they would see that I was freeballing.....

I don't care, I love the freedom and the movement when my balls and cock swing back and forth....

the one's I am wearing right now and in the pictures is also the one I wore every single day of high school senior year, and I am glad I did GO HERE



does anyone else think this is just as comfortable

I also love walking in the summer with my dog in them, but hate how I always have my phone, and ipod ect.. but there are no pockets....

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who Badly wants to wear shorts all day, but knows it is still too cold, but when he does he loves the freedom and comfort of his Penis and Balls freeballing in his Basketball Shorts!!!!!!!!!!


Peeking Up Shorts

I know we all (or most of us) all love freeballing in shorts, and love the breeze we get in them ect...

but for me, taking pictures of myself, up the legs of my shorts, showing my free penis and balls turns me on, along with that seeing pictures or other guys showing off their fb in shorts, or accidentally showing their manhood turns me on...

and I don't wear short shorts, very long ones actually (a little past the knee), but to get a good picture up my shorts, even if it is dark, I can usually lighten it up on my computer, turns me on, and also reminds me how much I love freeballing..

I also wonder if other people can see up them, and see that I am freeballing, mostly the verrrrry loose basketball shorts I wear...

how about you???

if you are interested I have pictures of this too....

that's all


Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who loves the freedom and comfort of his Penis and Balls freeballing in his loose shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!

(also tell me what you think of text and then pictures, vs the opposite like usual....)

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!