Sweatpants At School

so as many of you on this site probably know

I lovvvvve freeballing in sweatpants

and I am reallly thinking about wearing them to school (college)

but here's two things that worry me,
I think I will show too much, and everyone would either ask if I was fb ( which would be awkward and embarrassing, I like to keep my fb private), or be grossed out ect....
and also that I would some how precum or get a hardon
and I know the hardon would be a lot less likely to happen, because I'm so used to fb, but the precum has happened even at home
but I will admit unless you look closely you can not see the wetness

I know I would be alottttt more comfortable
because even jeans are comfortable (which is what I usually wear to class), but sweatpants would be intensely comfortable especially if I'm sitting in a chair for over an hour

so what do you guys think???
should I do it or not????

I reallly do want to but I am concerned by the things I said above

I am nervous to do so, but I was nervous to fb in public too and of course that went reallly well, so I'm guessing eventually I will do it anyways

another thing is that I wouldn't be the only person wearing them, I see guys and girls wear them all the time, but I haven't looked enough to see if uw is present or not

that's all

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who loves the breeze on his Penis and Balls through his underwear free shorts!!!!!!!!!!( and enjoying the last days of hotness hopefully without accidents)


The Unborn

I know this has nothing to do with fb
but this is my sisters first movie and shes only 20
that's coming out Jan 9th Titled The Unborn
Michael Bay in the producer
and David Goyer the writer of the batman prequels wrote the script and directed this movie
she was the location scout intern on it
and its a horror movie but please spread the word and support it
I'll be looking for you in the credits Hannah!!!!!!!!!

thanks all
bye now Nate

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!