Freeballing in jeans

I have had to some days when I have to wear jeans to school ( and also anywhere public) because it's a little too cold to wear shorts, not because of my freeballing, but because no matter if someone wore or didn't wear underwear your legs get cold when wearing shorts( and if freeballing your balls/penis will get cold)

so I have worn Jeans that are very loose, and have enough room for my penis and balls to flop around and have freedom
and also those are a lot more comfortable than there are the (follow to the next line)

Jeans I have worn that are loose, but still pretty tight, and I need to reposition my balls and cock every once in a while which gets irritating

but I will admit that Jeans are a lot less comfortable than plaid shorts, because the feeling of the plaid shorts fabric on my ass, and my penis and balls is soooooo nice

and also basketball shorts, with the feeling of the fabric and how incredibly looooooooose they are

the only other pants I wear in the winter/fall is sweatpants, but I would never be so bold enough to go out in public wearing them with everything visibly flopping around and such

(luckily it has still been hot still on certain days)

so I was wondering what your thought on wearing jeans and other pants in the winter are.....

that's all

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who loves the breeze on his Penis and Balls through his underwear free shorts!!!!!!!!!!( and enjoying the last days of hotness hopefully without accidents)


Pissing Through Shorts

So I Wear basketball shorts a lot when I am at home

and to make Pissing easier, I just lift up the shorts and Piss through the hole....

does anyone else do this to make it easier, than having to upzip or pull down your shorts???

this could be either at home, or on a camping trip, while in the military, ect.

this makes it verrry easy to piss, and this would not be possible unless I was a freeballer, and a fulltime one at that at

The Above pictures are some examples of Guys who have short enough shorts
they could Piss through them if they pleased........

Just wondering....

that's all

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who loves the breeze through his Penis and Balls through his underwear free shorts!!!!!!!!!!( and enjoying the last days hopefully without accidents)


An Embarassing Accident

So I had an embarrassing(no pun intended) accident happen to me yesterday

I was with my dads side of the family (around 20 or so people) yesterday from around 2-9 P.M.
and I didn't realize till about 2:30 or 3 that this happened

but the seam in my plaid shorts right between the ass cheeks tore, and there was a huge hole there

I obviously felt it eventually with the breeze on my bare ass( which at times felt really nice to be honest haha)

and even though I can drive, and could have driven home, I was too ashamed to, because of first how embarrassing it was, and also that no one knew in my family knows that I am freeballer, so I just waited it out until i got home, and took them off asap haha

but I was also lucky enough to be able to pull down my shirt to cover up the hole( usually my shirts aren't long enough to do that), and make it so no one commented, and that fortunately worked very well

and its also sad that the shorts are barely even a year old, and now I have to throw them away and another pair just like it (in a different color) did the exact same thing and they weren't at all cheap either (around 60 dollars)

I also tried to sit down as much as possible, but there was times when I was playing with the 2 young kids (girl 3, boy 4) and I had to be running around with them or chasing them, and I couldn't sit down, but I still tried to pull down my shirt as much as I could when I was doing so, and I'm glad they didn't even see my bare ass, and ask "why can I see your butt Nathan" because as anyone can know that would have been embarrassing to talk to an adult about it let alone a young kid but also the kids never commented on it either

Above is the evidence haha the pictures are a reflection cause I took them myself, and the third picture is what it looked like when I pulled my shirt down, can you tell theres a hole?

I also know that even though this happened this won't at alllllll stop me from freeballing, partly because I kinda liked the breeze haha, and also that I threw all my underwear away, and thirdly that I hate all types of underwear sooooo much

If anything it will make me more excited to freeball in a way, to know that this could happen (when no I know is around) because of the breeze, and also because I am a bit of an exhibitionist, I think

Has anyone else had something as embarrassing as this happen to them??

that's all


Freeeballing on TV

so Last night I was watching one of my favorite TV shows....Gossip Girl, lol I like it because of the relationships and the humor and the plot, not because I'm a girl but anyways I was watching it, and long story short this one character had a party she hosted, and it basically went to crap and was bad and there was some drama, and she literally said " I should have just gone commando( and something else that I cant remember) and this party would have been as bad" and even though she was making fun of and saying commando was bad it made me laught that it was siad on TV and a TV 14 rated show too....n I never thought I'd hear commando or freeballing on TV myself before I'd heard about the friends episode and the seinfeld episode, but had never actually watched them at all, or when they premiered but I feel like because freeballing/going commando was on scripted TV that it is becoming alot more accepted, and will slowly be very much accepted well yeah thats all

Bye Now

From Planet Nate Who loves the breeze on his Cock and Balls through his underwear free shorts!!!!!!!!!!

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!