so I have been interested in Kilts for a litle bit now
I feel like Its the next step towards freeballing

I also know though that I could not wear one in font of my parents, because they barely know I freeball, let alone that I want to wear a kilt while freeballing

so yeah I am very interested in buying one but I know I never could while I'm still living at home and right now I dont have any money

so my question is have any of you ever bought one or worn one and of course worn it regimental (freeballing underneath it)

I am part scottish so that makes sense too, and my ancestors prob wore them too

and also above is some kilt freeballing pictures that I found online, and they are also on my flickr photostreasm here http://www.flickr.com/photos/freeballing1123/ add me if you have an account

well thats all form planet nate here where he loves the feeling of the breeze through his underwear free shorts

bye now Nate


  1. I have always wondered about kilts. My dad was in WW1 and he told me he seen a guy in France wearing a kilt and his package was showing, and the weather was so cold. I wonder how they can take that? The photos answer the question pretty good. Thanks for posting.

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  3. Sorry I messed up my first comment. Anyway, I'll buy a kilt and meet you in Chicago when I come there in December. Go for it!!! My family is from Scotland and I am into the whole plaid/kilt thing. Really awesome post dude. Thanks!

  4. Traditionally, kilts are not worn with anything under them. Also traditionally they are worn with boots and plaid socks. The plaid weave is determined by the clan. Each clan wears a different plaid. To be authentic, you need to research your Scot heritage to determine the clan colours you should wear. I am English by birth but attended my English cousin's wedding to a Scotswoman last year. A component of the Queen's guards are Scots who wear kilts as part of their military uniform, and yes, they do not wear underwear.

    Scotland is a cold place so Scotsmen are use to the cold.


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!