Underwear Under Swim Trunks

so one thing That really ticks me off and I saw on vacation last month
is when guys wear underwear, that may be boxers briefs or boxer briefs, but whats the point??

seriously, is it them trying to cover up their bodies?

were they raised that way to wear underwear underneath them?

but it doesn't make any sense because the swim shorts come with a built in net to hold your balls and cock, that is basically like briefs

even when I wore underwear, be that any of the three ( briefs being the longest) I never wore them when I was swimming, I was just told not to, and raised not to

but there is also alot of discomfort when the underwear gets all wet and soggy and that can chafe your thighs

but for me I choose to cut the liner out cause I like to be alot more free
so I would hope that the part timers on here would not wear their uw when swimming

so someone please explain to me why the first picture is a common occurrence in our society??????

the second one is how board shorts or swim trunks/shorts should be worn, the freeballing and sagging way haha (ok maybe thats a little too much)

that's all
Bye Now
From Planet Nate Who loves the breeze on his junk through his underwear free shorts!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I too find this strange, why wear more clothes when you are at a beach where you should be wearing less.

    I couldn't stand to have a wet material hugging my body, it is bad enough with board shorts and that material is loose, but it still clings to the body until it dries.

    What happened to the days guys used to be proud and happy to be a man and showed it?!

  2. I'm right with you man! I'm 44 now and I've been freeballing for 20 years. Even when I was a teen, and later in the Navy, I freeballed very frequently. After my tour of duty, I tossed out all my old white military style boxers and never got around to buying new underwear.

    Yeah, this thing of some people wearing underwear under swimwear doesn't make any sense! Although wearing undies at all doesn't make much sense to me. In these modern times most people bathe every day, and are conscientious to keep their bodies clean. Wearing underwear today is just a habit left over from the old days when people only bathed once a week (or a month).

    Keep swinging free man!!

  3. No One Should Wear Underwear Under Your Swimsuits/Shorts!
    I grew up in Hawaii and If you wore Underwear under your shorts you were Considered Weird!!!

    What For?
    Hang it Out Guys!


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!