Freeballing On The Beach

so very soon within the next day my family and I will eb leaving to go to North Carolina for our annual summer vacation

and I can not honestly wait because we have not gone to the beach for over 5 years (nor with my dads side of the family either ) and North Carolina for 6 years, but I can not wait to run on the beach while freeballing

and I will at least once wear my gym shorts ( which is the the shorts that I'm wearing/ will wear in the third picture down)and go in the water and see how that feels...

but I was wondering what you guys take is on this and if you have ever been on a beach while freeballing

well thats all from channel nate here

bye mes amis

underwear?????.....you must be thinking of a different person


  1. in northern california, we have a ton of nude beaches, so when i go to the beach i prefer to go to one of those. it feels great to be outdoors with the sun all over your body (no tan lines). the water, of course, is a lot cooler than in north carolina, but you just need to ease in.. but, sometimes i will go to a public beach (like in santa cruz) and freeball in boarshorts with them saggin a bit.. heh.. but that's not really a big deal because a lot of guys do that

  2. what are those shorts he's wearing? i want one!!

  3. You must not have a pale complexion. You haven't suffered until you sunburn your penis. I still cringe at the memory.


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!