Family Vacation

So I am Leaving Sat morning which makes me really sad because I have enjoyed my week of vacation here in North Carolina with my dads side of the family soooo much

but onto more important things related to freeballing

I first basically told my dad, right when I was packing for vacation he looked through my suitcase and asked about my socks and underwear and why there wasnt any in there and to make it easy for myself I just said I don't wear it anymore, and socks I dont wear in the summer

and he was perfectly fine with it, he kinda still thought it was weird and sick, but also said it what I choose to do , and even though my mom hasnt talked to me about it, I'm guessing it will get back to her and my sister too

but along with that I wanted to nude swim in the ocean, but I never had the chance to, without getting caught, but we had a jacuzzi/hot tub and I didnt totally take off my swim shorts, but I did have them low around my ankles which pretty much counts as nude swimming, and I liked it alot, but it was so quick the first time that I didnt really have a chance to experience it more and it was also quick cause I didnt want anyone to see that I was almost fully nude, but I went in a second time and pulled my shorts around my ankles and I liked how my bare ass felt against the seat in the hot tub, and how the jets felt on my penis and balls, and how I could easily get an erection with the jets on my penis, which turned me on alot too so I'll maybe try to do it again sometime....

also today I went the whole day in my swim shorts (with a cut out liner)and oh my fing god it was soooooo comfortable, I was planning on taking a shower and changing into my regular clothes eventually, but the day went by so fast I didnt have the time to, and I am glad I didnt change out of them, it felt like beyond freeballing, probably almost like if I walked around in boxers shorts all day, but the feeling was not cotton but (polyester?) or the type of fabric the swim trunks are made out of, I almost want to go and buy myself some board shorts because they are basically swim trunks that come with the liner already out, and I just need some money for them

the best thing was that I went and did errands, going and getting souvenirs, and to the grocery store and later in the day I went to this miniature golf thing ( and it was the best 18 little holes of my entire life haha) with my little cousins in just these same swim shorts and a tshirt and my flip flops, and I not once did I feel the need to move my junk around because of it being too tight or anything I should have it be normal attire

and even though I coudlnt think I could, I slept nude the entire time I was on vacation, But I also had my own separate room where someone could easily walk in ( because the door wouldnt lock) but I was also covered 99/9% of the time,and had no one suspect or see my bare body under the blankets

the last thing I did one day was wear my old PE mesh shorts around the house while I was waiting for my clothes to wash/dry and it was very free and exhilarating, and no one saw my bulge or asked if I had underwear on underneath them, I also went out on our balcony at our beach house and even though I was reading during that time I would rest my legs on railing so that they were pointed out and breezes could easily get in through them which was unbelievably comfortable and if anyone on here has been to a beach the wind never stops blowing because of the ocean nearby, and along with no one asking if I was freeballing in the gym shorts, no one at all asked me if I was freeballing at all during the week, ( and there was alot of times when my ass crack was showing and you could have seen some lack of underwear, I felt the wind on my ass at times, and it wasnt on purpose, it just happened, that I didn't notice it till later) which made my freeballing alot easier and alot more enjoyable

well thats all of my vacation stories tell me what you think

Bye Now

From planet Nate where everyone lives an underwear free lifestyle and there's no war, no famine, no hatred ect....

Bye Now

From planet Nate where everyone lives an underwear free lifestyle and there's no war, no famine, no hatred ect....


Freeballing On The Beach

so very soon within the next day my family and I will eb leaving to go to North Carolina for our annual summer vacation

and I can not honestly wait because we have not gone to the beach for over 5 years (nor with my dads side of the family either ) and North Carolina for 6 years, but I can not wait to run on the beach while freeballing

and I will at least once wear my gym shorts ( which is the the shorts that I'm wearing/ will wear in the third picture down)and go in the water and see how that feels...

but I was wondering what you guys take is on this and if you have ever been on a beach while freeballing

well thats all from channel nate here

bye mes amis

underwear?????.....you must be thinking of a different person

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!