Now Dad Is Questioning Me.....

so just recently I was sitting with my dad watching a movie, or getting ready to watch it

and he was folding his underwear ( he does that randomly) and he still wear white briefs and I think they look disgusting haha , but I think all underwear is shit obviously haha so that makes sense I hate it
but anyways I was joking with him about them , why I cannot remember

but he asked me do you still wear boxers, and I said yeah definitely then he also said good, that would be disgusting if you didn't wear underwear

and I was annoyed he thought that way, and before then I was really ready to tell him and mom about my lack of underwear, but now I feel like he will be mad at me or think its sick etc..

so what do you guys think I should do???

thanks in advance


  1. Buddy,

    Not tht you read these, but let me work through it.

    You're not comfortable letting your parents know you freeball, otherwise you wouldn't have told your father you wear boxers.

    You're succeeding in fb w/o 'rents knowledge. My take is keep it up. You're going away to college in Aug/Sept. Flaunt it, make no excuse, raise an eyebrow and say, "You wear underwar?" to anyone that challenges you.

    Shrug. Your freeballing issue is so like a gay coming out issue it makes me chuckle. The only difference is, why the hell does anyone need to know? Why would they care?

    I kinda think you're making this all up. but regardless. Lock the kids up, or stand up at the breakfast table, drop trou and say, "It's me."

    Might be fun to see them faint.

  2. First off to let you know I do read every comment people leave on here, thats what the purpose of this blog is, I say something and people respond with their thoughts on the issue..

    and next I want to tell them, being I know them so well, but in the back of my head I feel like their reaction will be negative.

    and how is this all made up, because I'm 18, and still live at home, my parents still treat me like a little kid, and think I'm still a little kid, but I'm alot more mature than most people my age, I think

    but on the other hand I know they can trust me and know I can make decisions, so maybe I should tell them and even if they dint like it , they will deal with it

    I almost just want to show them my pubes and my lack of underwear and have it be all sudden and quick, and not have it be something I have to say as an answer and instead just show them

    but again they don't need to know, just like you dotn tell people on the street your're freeballing, but I want them to know

    and please feel free to comment I'll get back to you on your response...

    thats all
    bye now
    freeballing nate

  3. Nate,

    Apologies, if in any sense I offended you.

    All of your responses and thoughts, and reactions to your parents (in particular) are 100% parallell to being gay, and coming out. Your situation has nothing to do with sexual orientation, but you're going through the same process.

    IMHO my friend, you don't need to show them your pubes. Jezz saying. That's like having them come home after work and finding you on the couch eating popcorn, watching a movie and holding hands with another guy. "Hi Dad, this is my boyfirend Josh."

    Question one is: "Why do you want your parents to know?" To me it's no more important than do you prefer Levi's 501's or Gap boot cut button fly? DNKY hoodie or a Walmart plain warm one? What I choose to wear is my choise. Likewise what I choose not to wear is my choise. However, I don't seek approval one way or another.

    By the same toke, and I support you here, if free balling is such a significant part of who you are, and you want people to know. Then you need to come out to your parents. However, you had a rough spot with your dad.

    You need to sort through is being out worth what you're going to have to pay in terms of how they think about you. I'm with the doing what you did with your dad. "Yeah, boxers". You got 6 months then college.

    College is building a new you. No one knows you. You pop out of bed naked in the morning, your roomie watches you slide on a pair cargo shorts sans underwear. He questions you, you just say, "You actually wear underwear?" You're on equal footing, and you have a chance to be dominent, or at least establish yourself with self confidence w/o preconception.


  4. Your Dad probably has altready figured it out and was just asking to see if you could be honest about it.



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