So why do I hate underwear?

I think underwear is a piece of clothing that we do not need... it was created to make our clothes cleaner back in the times when we didn't bathe for weeks or months on end, and your body odor would stink up your underwear, or underclothes, not your clothes. but in this Modern society we all bathe at least once a day, and have no need for underwear.

the only reason I think we still have them is because people feel a need to have them, along with the rest of their wardrobe for the day, its something they just don't question, they just think you always have to wear underwear, and go with that.

I despise it also because there are only really two types for males, tight or loose. and the tight one's like briefs don't let your genitalia breathe, let alone let blood flow into them. I will though say that for over 13 years of my life, I did wear them, but that's only because I didn't know about any other types, and I was young and what I was brought up on was briefs, like my dad wears.

The boxer briefs kind of freak me out to be honest, boxers and briefs had sex and created them I guess, they are less constricting but still it's for weirdo's that don't have the courage to go all the way go to boxers.

And then there's loose like boxers, that is really relaxing and alottt less constricting then briefs, but there's also one disadvantage in my mind, they ride up your waist like they belong above there and want to stay there forever,and I used to readjust them allll of the time, and had no idea there was a choice for nooo underwear!!! They are also for pussies that don't have the balls to go all the way and never wear underwear, but they may also not know that there is a choice to go without.

I didn't know people actually could do that, and even at first I thought it was almost forbidden, being no one I knew practiced going without, it just didn't seem the normal or best thing to do, but after I tried it once or twice I realized wow, and that I didn't feel I had to adjust it all of time, there's just me and my pants, nothing else there. which also at first felt weird, and kinda lonely for my ass and genitalia, to have no layer between my pants and my skin, but after a while I was used to the absence of the layer, I also started in the summer, and what also made me love it more was to freeball in my jean shorts and have the breeze just blow onto my genitalia, and I love to mow in them, where there's no sweat down there because the breeze airs it out, and how they sway while I walk slowly mowing. I soon went from trying it once or twice to every day at home, to then every day after school and on the weekend to eventually where I am now with no underwear in sight, and no chance of me going back to those pointless pieces of clothing ever again.

One last comment before I go, another great thing about freeballing is after I get out of the shower every morning before school I always have a hot pair of jean's coming out of the dryer right onto my bare ass, and that feeling will never get old.

Now I am done ranting haha

Tell me what you think

that's all from channel Nate here,
and until next time Mes Amis...bye now


  1. This is a nice essay supporting freeballing, but you shouldn't put down people that don't. I mean dude, you shouldn't call people that don't "pussies"

    I'm all over freeballing. I sometimes wear the evil boxer briefs to bed, but not often. Other than that nothing day or night. My cock and balls revel in their freedom during the day. My jeans aren't tight, but you can see the kids if you look. But I need the comfort and freedom.

    Point is, you've made an arguement for freeballing, but cut out the "if you don't you're a wuss". shit.

    The arguement is here's why you should, here are the benefits if you do, here are what I see as reasons you shouldn't. (The latter you did really well.)


  2. Excellent post. Love the site. You really know how to write and communicate how you feel about freeballing. Keep on doing what you do and enjoy f/b!!!


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!