Freeballing In Sweatpants

I just bought some fleece sweatpants from walmart and they are sooooo comfortable

especially when freeballing, theres a lot of room, and you get a hard-on really easy ( or I at least do)

Just stating that out there..

heres a picture

that's all from channel Nate here,and until next time Mes Amis...bye now


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  2. Hey, I love my sweats too. They are excellent freeballing gear for around the house. Now that I am adapting to full time f/b, hard-on's are easing back a bit.

    This is an excellent BLOG.

  3. I love lazy Sundays freeballin in my sweat-pants. They are so roomy cause mine are baggy and I also wear just an over sized sweat-shirt hoody, too. It feels so comfortable, especially cause I sag my pants below my butt all the time. Which pretty much means the only thing covering my junk is the bottom of my hoody. I don't want to sound weird, but its true. The first and only time I didn't sag when I was freeballin in my sweats, it was obvious to my friends that I wasn't wearing any boxers and they gave me tons of shit for freeballin. So now I make sure to sag as if I were wearing boxers and they are none the wiser, cause I just love being truly comfy in my sweats. As for the hard-ons, it is the nature of the beast, but the more you freeball your body gets use to it.


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!