Soon To Be Doctor Visit...

So coming up the 30th of november I will be having my 18 year physical ( I'll turn 18 on the 23rd), and I have no idea what the doctor will be doing exactly, But I know at some point he will be feeling my ballsack to see if they are in order and stuff...

Now I dont know if he will make me strip and change into a gown, or just feel my ballsack inside my pants ... back before 9th grade started for me, he did this for my high school physical/checkup, which is routine for incoming freshmen.

but I have no idea, If because I'm 18 They will have me change into the gown, and I'll be embarrased to say I have no underwear on, but now that I think of it, they will have me change by myself and leave the room and probably won't see me naked under the gown, and maybe see a buldge or something.

but now back to my main worry or point I know I'll be freeballing to the doctor and ussually my dad goes with me, to the doctor, and he will probably go this time too, and if he does the down pants thing he'll see I'm underwearless, and probably make a comment to my dad, being he'll still be in the room.

so the only thing I can think of to avoid this from happening is to tell my dad, "I'm 18 now I'll go to the doctor by myself" ect.

but if worst comes to worst I'll maybe wear udnerwear which I don't think I can do, being I'm so used to freeballing, and I've tried to go back before, and hated it alot.

please anyone who reads this, say what you think

that's all from channel Nate here,

and until next time Mes Amis...bye now


  1. Hey, Nate, you've chosen to freeball full-time, so just go to the doc's without u/w - medics have seen it all before and it's not anything unusual to them.

    They are not out to embarrass anyone, but on the contrary they try to make it as easy as possible. I've freeballed at the doc's twice in the past year and it was not commented on at all.

    As for your dad, yep i reckon you'd be right to tell him as you're 18 now (or you will be by then, anyway) you're classed as an adult and you'll go on your own.


  2. Nate,

    Regarding freeballing and the doc, I think Toby nailed it. He could care less. You won't be the first freeballer he's seen. Not a biggie.

    Regarding your Dad, would a compromise work. Let him go with you, but tell him you'd be more comfortable if he waited in the waiting room or outside the room. He could speak to the doctor afterwards if he wanted to. IMHO, at 18 you have a right to privacy from your parents when you see a doctor. I'd actually say starting between 14/16 parents should ask their kid if they want them in the room when they see the doctor.

    My thought is, once your body begins to mature you should be entitled to privacy. No barging in on you in when you're in the bathroom, no insistance on being with you when you're having a general physical.

    However, if that's not something you think he would go for, or would give you a hard time over, then follow Toby's advice, and say, "I'm not a kid, I can go by myself."

    Let us know how it works out man.

  3. Nate, just practice some slightly sarcastic lines that have truth in them as a retort to your Dad. Something like "woops... guess I forgot." or "yeah... why bother?" or what about "I'm just a loose kind of guy." And then let it drop.

  4. So does everyone get a full physical at age 14/15, including stripping down?

    I've never heard of that in the UK, is it the norm (or mandated) for American schools?


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