My Weekend And More...

(Here' a funny Joke that worked both ways, sorry you can't see it, it leads to a website so please click on the picture to read the comic)

Last weekend was a very fun one indeed, and freeballing made it so much better, as usual.
Friday was boring
and Saturday was until about 5 pm

At 5 I had 2 friends over for a halo 3 (video game) party, and I bet some of you are like, how can you have a party for that, but that doesn't matter, they stayed the whole night and none of us got any sleep and they both went home about noon or so the next day.

Now what happened or almost happened, I was kidding around with one of them and he was mad at me or something (In a kidding way), I cant remember what he was mad at me about), but at one point he made the gesture like he was gonna pants me, but he never actually did.

If he would have that would have been really embarrassing for me and him, mostly him, if you know what I mean, He isn't like homophobic or anything, but seeing my bare balls and penis, would have definitely freaked him out a lot.

that's all that happened, thankfully.

I just thought I would share this story with someone and see what they have to say about it, so please comment....

that's all from channel Nate here,
and until next time Mes Amis...bye now


  1. Dude,

    Maybe you'll answer something that's been puzzling me.

    Why would he be embarrassed? You, maybe I could understand, cuz it's such a guy thing, particularly if you're a grower not a shower. I mean you can be 8" hard and 2" soft. Then we have the guys 6" soft and 6" hard. shrug. You can always go, "It only counts when I'm ready for action. Wanna compare?"

    I'm rambling, but it seems you're shy about guys seeing your equipment. I'm talking about this, and having your friend face away in gym. Then it's cool. I'm thinking you're body shy. Which is normal. Do you have to take showers with PE?

    I'm not sure how the homophomic comment relates to anything. Can you expand on it? What would pulling down someone's pants and discovering they're not wearing underwear have to with whether or not they're gay? I'm so confused. Can you let me know where that comes from?

    Also thanks. It was you and a freeballing friend that made me realize there's really no other way to go. I freeball to work every day. I've free balled to the opera. Most embarrassing moment, being at work, and spilling a huge bowl of water down my front. Half my shirt all my pants. Jeans, pretty tight, so for a while everyone could tell I'm cut. Shrug, even untucked my shirt didn't hang low enough.

    You're a brave guy. Far more so than I was at your age. Salut!

  2. Hey, real cool! That would've really been something if you'd actually been pantsed and showing all your glory with no underwear :o) It's only embarrassing if folks act, like, *Shock, horror*! If you were to just fall about laughing then nobody has time to get embarrassed and it's suddenly no big deal to have your stuff unexpectedly on display.

    ANYWAY, Nate, great to hear freeballing is going so well, and you are at last free of annoying undies - your mates are all going to know before long, anyway, what with changing for p.e. in school, and the possiblity of getting pantsed when you're with your closest friends, and everything.

    Keep on at it!
    Best wishes, Toby

  3. Hello This is the blogger here, and I was wondering who the first anonymous is... if you're gonna ask me questions or something please say who you are, that always helps.

    to answer your questions

    He would be embarassed, because he wasn't expecting to see my bare cock and balls, just my boxers, like most people wear, and the lack of it would freak him out, I know him well but not that well.
    and me being shy, who isnt in this world of hiding our bodies, the only person whos seen my cock and balls would be my parents, and that was over 13 or more years ago.

    for your short question, no we do not shower for pe, we just change into our PE clothes before, then after class into our street clothes again, but we don't do enough physical activity to need to take a shower, and most of us have the PE class as one of the last hours of the day, so we go home soon after and dont worry about it.

    for your next question, I'm saying most guys in this era or my age, are homophobic and would be freaked out to even see a glimpse of another guys penis, because we all hide our bodies, which is really sad, if you think about it, and if you even look at another guys penis, you're seen as gay, which is again really sad, we shouldn't hide our bodies or see looking as homosexual, but thats just the way some guys are, I'm not like that, I wont be freaked out just surprised.
    and thats more what would have happened, he would have been surprised to see my junk, instead of boxers/underwear like most human beings wear, and would have caught him off gaurd more, but it would have been an easy way to tell him I fb, But I dont see why he needs to know also, like I dont need to know what type pf underwear he wears, I just dont care or need to know.

    And wow I'm surprised I actully made someone freeball, How did I really help? Just with my stories or what, and how did your friend help, I feel pretty cool, lol

    I dont see myself as that brave of a guy, I just wanted to chuck the underwear, and feel good about, I didnt see it as a daring thing or an act of bravery, just something I had to do for myself, and I'm glad I did do.

    theres my responses, for whoever anonymous is, if you want to continue this discussion further, or talk on yahoo messenger or aim, email me at relover89@yahoo.com

    bye now nate

  4. Fair enough.

    First thanks for taking the time to answer me. Let me see if I can give back.

    I can see him being embarrassed on your behalf cuz he exposed you when you weren't expecting it. I can't see it because of what he saw.

    The body shy is something I realize you have, and I can sympathize with. Work has a gym day with soccer or basketballs, or whatever once a week. guys shower at work. 3 shower stalls, open room, clear partitions adjecent to workout room. I couldn't do it. I mean part of it is I'm gay, and I think they'd feel uncomfortable. Though to be frank, it's just not like that. I'm not going to be getting off on it. Neither really here nor there.

    PE has changed a lot from when I was in it. Showers were required, exercise extensive enough to make it necessary. Note, I managed to avoid every single one.

    The gay/see a dick thing is kinda messed up. I'm guessing it's something you're working out. Here are some outside thoughts. Cathing sight of a cock doesn't make you gay. If it's exposed so you can see it, seeing it doesn't make you gay. Seeing one and thinking, "Holy fuckin' shit I wish that was mine!" doesn't make you gay. It just makes you a guy. I don't know any guy no matter what he's got, no matter wtr8 or gay who doesn't wish he had more. It's a guy thing.

    I gave you a name, so another guestion. Why do you refer to your cock and balls as "junk"? I've heard: "The kids", "The Boys", "The equipment", "The Jewels", but never the "junk". Note all of the others have positive references, "junk" to me doesn't. I see it as a pride and joy, not junk.

    Ok, and fair trade. My bud I knew almost from day one was a free baller. I didn't think much about it. He's telling me how his wife likes it. We'll skip his talk of bars and chicks and tight jeans. I found your forum, and was taken by two things. A minor one was the confort and freedom, the other was your struggle to over come obstacles to do it.

    So, I'm like this guy is willing to do almost anything to do it. You stood up to your parents, you 'fessed up to your bud. You worked out changing in gym.

    Shrug I had to give it a shot. I was sold in less than a week.

    Yeah, I'm older, so I con't have the accountablity. I also wear jeans to work so it's not a big deal. However, I free balled in dockers to the opera with my boss, his wife, my sister and her best friend. That was awesome. When I skinned down for bed that night, I was thinking, "Yeah, Nate got me here."


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