Soon To Be Doctor Visit...

So coming up the 30th of november I will be having my 18 year physical ( I'll turn 18 on the 23rd), and I have no idea what the doctor will be doing exactly, But I know at some point he will be feeling my ballsack to see if they are in order and stuff...

Now I dont know if he will make me strip and change into a gown, or just feel my ballsack inside my pants ... back before 9th grade started for me, he did this for my high school physical/checkup, which is routine for incoming freshmen.

but I have no idea, If because I'm 18 They will have me change into the gown, and I'll be embarrased to say I have no underwear on, but now that I think of it, they will have me change by myself and leave the room and probably won't see me naked under the gown, and maybe see a buldge or something.

but now back to my main worry or point I know I'll be freeballing to the doctor and ussually my dad goes with me, to the doctor, and he will probably go this time too, and if he does the down pants thing he'll see I'm underwearless, and probably make a comment to my dad, being he'll still be in the room.

so the only thing I can think of to avoid this from happening is to tell my dad, "I'm 18 now I'll go to the doctor by myself" ect.

but if worst comes to worst I'll maybe wear udnerwear which I don't think I can do, being I'm so used to freeballing, and I've tried to go back before, and hated it alot.

please anyone who reads this, say what you think

that's all from channel Nate here,

and until next time Mes Amis...bye now


Freeballing and The Bathroom

(For the gay freeballers too) (Sorry for the straight one's, including me, but I couldn't think of a picture and only found this)
As long as I've been freeballing full-time, (about 4.5 months) I have been to the bathroom at my school (peeing) alot, at first I was scared to, and afraid I'd leave a stain or a wet spot, but now I don't care, I've realized how easy it is to whip my penis out and go, and because theres no underwear to constrict it, sometimes I don't even have to watch it go, and can go hand's free.

I still have my way of shaking, and from what I've heard on different sites like TFF, you should stroke the bottom of your ballsack or something, I've tried that and it didn't work, I just pull it forward and back ( like masturbating, sorry to disgust anyone) and shake it alot, until I don't see any more urine on the tip of my penis.

Now if I don't get all of the pee out, I almost like the feeling of the little dribble left on the tip of my penis, like floating in midair inside my pants, that probably sounds really wierd, but I bet someone knows what I'm talking about.

I couldn't think of a topic so this was the one, I never thought I could have this long of a post about peeing haha

that's all from channel Nate here,
and until next time Mes Amis...bye now


My Weekend And More...

(Here' a funny Joke that worked both ways, sorry you can't see it, it leads to a website so please click on the picture to read the comic)

Last weekend was a very fun one indeed, and freeballing made it so much better, as usual.
Friday was boring
and Saturday was until about 5 pm

At 5 I had 2 friends over for a halo 3 (video game) party, and I bet some of you are like, how can you have a party for that, but that doesn't matter, they stayed the whole night and none of us got any sleep and they both went home about noon or so the next day.

Now what happened or almost happened, I was kidding around with one of them and he was mad at me or something (In a kidding way), I cant remember what he was mad at me about), but at one point he made the gesture like he was gonna pants me, but he never actually did.

If he would have that would have been really embarrassing for me and him, mostly him, if you know what I mean, He isn't like homophobic or anything, but seeing my bare balls and penis, would have definitely freaked him out a lot.

that's all that happened, thankfully.

I just thought I would share this story with someone and see what they have to say about it, so please comment....

that's all from channel Nate here,
and until next time Mes Amis...bye now

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!