My Freeballing In PE So Far............

Hello all readers of this awesome blog,

As you know I've been freeballing for a month full-time, and would have been 4 months if I wouldn't have gone back for one day, which i don't even count.

But now back to my main story
over the past month, I have freeballed every day including every single weekday for PE, and it seems like every day it keeps getting better and better.

With the feel of the mesh gym shorts, on my package, the best part is when I'm changing and I squat down to tie my shoes and everything is tight in that region.

And when I'm running, the feeling of my junk flopping around is unbelievable, the only thing I'm self conscious about is that someone Will see my junk flopping around and ask if I'm wearing underwear, and I'd get all uncomfortable, but it hasn't happened yet and hope it doesn't happen.

And me freeballing every day for school is awesome too, I love the feeling of my jeans on my package also, and the best feeling even though I realized this a Long time ago, is that I am the only one that knows I'm freeballing.

Also as I didn't say before I have this friend, who I change with in the locker rooms, and the day after I realised I was freeballing fulltime, I told him I don't wear underwear, and he was like cool, and didn't mind at all, and for a week or so, I had him face forward when I was changing being I was uncomfortable with him talking to me when I was changing, but now it's just routine and I don't care if he's facing me when I'm changing.
He even talked to me about one time, he didn't pack enough underwear for vacation and he had to freeball for a day or two, but he said he hated it alot, which is really confusing to me, if you know what I mean, he said he hates how loose and how the feeling of nothing between your pants and your legs feels, but everything he hates, I and every other freeballer loves about the whole freeballing thing, being the point of freeballing,haha.

He asked me why I freeball, and I said because I hate boxers and the way they bunch up, and he said, what are you talking about, your wearing them wrong or something, I'm like ok, and had no idea what he was talking about.

As my final note again I'm glad I was finally able to freeball for PE and for the rest of my life...

that's all from channel Nate here, and until next time Mes Amis...
bye now


  1. Congrats Nate -- you've been able to fb at school and pe. Good on you.


  2. Hey Nate. The only time I wear underwear is if I am wearing a suit, because it is very obvious and not good for the customers, lol.. But I rarely wear suitpants, so it is almost a non-issue. In the gym, I was a little worried my junk would fall out while doing squats or something. I found shorts with mesh liners sewn into the athletic shorts, much the same as a swim suit. So now I never buy regular gym shorts; I go for the ones with the liner. It does not seem to bunch up like underwear and is very comfortable. You might try to find some of those and see how you like them.

  3. I realize I'm posting this along time after you wrote the blog, but...
    you should be proud you go commando and don't be scared someone's going to find out. It'll make you cooler to them, not weird, even if they don't like to do it themselves.

  4. I buy the ones with the liner too. Then I cut the liner out...


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!