Freeballing Full-Time.....

Hello and I am Nate
I Do Not Wear Underwear
I am 17
and live in the U.S.
I am in my senior year of high school

Now to make this story more interesting I'm going to start from the beggining,

Here I go, it all started back in 7th grade ( the 02-03 school year)
from the age of my first pair of underwear, I received briefs (white) from my parents, at about 3 years old, until about 7th grade when I was around 13 years old.

We had PE every day, and I obviously wore my briefs because I thought they were comfortable, and no one had made fun of me for wearing them or anything like that, then one day my father, said to me, "nathan if you don't want to be made fun of for wearing briefs you need to wear boxers and stuff like that, this was more coming from my sister (about a year and a half older) who had guy friends that stopped briefs, and wore boxers, She didnt want me to get made fun of, which I could understand, I saw nothing wrong with wearing my breifs still and I was used to them, but yet they still said boxers or even like colored briefs, and I went for the colored briefs, and I wore those until about 8th grade.

In 8th grade I switched to colored boxer briefs, because I wanted to wear boxers because they seemed more comfortable, but yet I wasn't used to that free feeling, so I went to inbetween, and I wore those until about halfway through 9th grade.

In 9th I eventually switched to boxers, and I was soo happy I did, I loved the free feeling and how it was almost daring and exciting, but yet there was one thing that I soon began to hate, how they would ride up too easily, and gat all bunched up and uncomfortable, so I would repeatedly push them down below my ass crack to not have them come back up, but yet it felt wierd to have them below my ass, or they'd come right back up so I eventaully pulled them back up.

Then sometime later, maybe a year later I was online, and I think I searched what I was annoyed with about with boxers, or searched everyone's favorite underwear in a poll or something, and came across this thing called freeballing or going commando and I was like what? What is this? I soon found out it meant to not wear underwear at all, and in my head I was like, people actually do that.... I soon tried it a couple of times at home maybe for like 2 minutes.

Well those two minutes went to doing it at home all the time, when I was alone, because I tried to hide it from my parents, thinking they could tell by my buldge or soemthing, and I was really self concious.

and I eventaully realized they couldn't tell, so I would do it at home more and more, and after I got home from school I would take off my boxers, and this went on for a while, and only home because I would think people would notice I am freeballing, then one day I went out in public freeballing, and realized not one person could tell I had no underwear on.

So that next spring break of this year, which was a week off of school, I stayed at in town , but didn't wear my boxers at all, and I was so much more comfortable for those 7 days of freedom, and was soo happy, until that next mon when I went back to boxers for PE only.
After that I had freeballed every day of weekend or day of break from school, or when we didn't have PE a certain day and thats where this story ends.

And this one begins,
since before last summer I had been freeballing part time
but at the start of last summer I decided to not wear underwear at all, and I did for over 3 months, but then the first day of PE, I knew I was going be self conscious so I went back to my boxers, and for that one day or over 8 hours I was the most uncomfortable person ever, I knew I'd hate it but never this much .

So that next day which was a tuesday, I went back to freeballing full-time and never will go back to those wretched pieces of clothing, and now freeball for PE every single day.

Thats all I have to say
anyone else have anything to say about this topic?
bye now nate


  1. Hey Nate, welcome to the fabulous world of fulltime freeballing!
    --SF Freeballer

  2. Hey you have comments now. Nate good blog. Glad that you feel sure about yoursef now and admit publically that you are smart enough to freeball! Have any other bois in your school noticed yet -- any others admit they freeball too, or are thay all afraid?


  3. Great blog, Nate. Good to read the whole story, so thanks for writing it all up. Yeah, i found, as you did too, that going back to u/w after going without is SO uncomfortable that there is nothing for it but to become a full-time freeballer. FULL MARKS on getting to do it for your final year in school, too - that is such a blast - good on yer :-)

  4. Do you walk around with the bare glans or with foreskin over it?

  5. i started freeballing the other day.
    i was down to my last pair of briefs, and my friend gave me a wedgie so hard, that it made them rip into about 3 pieces. i pulled out the elastics and pieces of fabric form my pants, and experienced freeballing for the first time ever. it was the best experience of my life. when my mum found out about the wedgie, she stopped buying me underwear to teach me a lesson. and now, since i have no pyjamas, i sleep fully nude, and i freeball full time, even at school when im getting changed in the locker room. all my friends know about it, and as a prank, when i was in the shower at school, they burnt my clothes and my sports outfit, and i spent the whole school day in the nude! i loved it!

  6. i started yesterday when i ran out of underwear and thought it was great. i also read your post on sleeping nude so i tried that too, which was also great :). i freeballed in my jeans again today


Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!