Freeballing In Sweatpants

I just bought some fleece sweatpants from walmart and they are sooooo comfortable

especially when freeballing, theres a lot of room, and you get a hard-on really easy ( or I at least do)

Just stating that out there..

heres a picture

that's all from channel Nate here,and until next time Mes Amis...bye now



So why do I hate underwear?

I think underwear is a piece of clothing that we do not need... it was created to make our clothes cleaner back in the times when we didn't bathe for weeks or months on end, and your body odor would stink up your underwear, or underclothes, not your clothes. but in this Modern society we all bathe at least once a day, and have no need for underwear.

the only reason I think we still have them is because people feel a need to have them, along with the rest of their wardrobe for the day, its something they just don't question, they just think you always have to wear underwear, and go with that.

I despise it also because there are only really two types for males, tight or loose. and the tight one's like briefs don't let your genitalia breathe, let alone let blood flow into them. I will though say that for over 13 years of my life, I did wear them, but that's only because I didn't know about any other types, and I was young and what I was brought up on was briefs, like my dad wears.

The boxer briefs kind of freak me out to be honest, boxers and briefs had sex and created them I guess, they are less constricting but still it's for weirdo's that don't have the courage to go all the way go to boxers.

And then there's loose like boxers, that is really relaxing and alottt less constricting then briefs, but there's also one disadvantage in my mind, they ride up your waist like they belong above there and want to stay there forever,and I used to readjust them allll of the time, and had no idea there was a choice for nooo underwear!!! They are also for pussies that don't have the balls to go all the way and never wear underwear, but they may also not know that there is a choice to go without.

I didn't know people actually could do that, and even at first I thought it was almost forbidden, being no one I knew practiced going without, it just didn't seem the normal or best thing to do, but after I tried it once or twice I realized wow, and that I didn't feel I had to adjust it all of time, there's just me and my pants, nothing else there. which also at first felt weird, and kinda lonely for my ass and genitalia, to have no layer between my pants and my skin, but after a while I was used to the absence of the layer, I also started in the summer, and what also made me love it more was to freeball in my jean shorts and have the breeze just blow onto my genitalia, and I love to mow in them, where there's no sweat down there because the breeze airs it out, and how they sway while I walk slowly mowing. I soon went from trying it once or twice to every day at home, to then every day after school and on the weekend to eventually where I am now with no underwear in sight, and no chance of me going back to those pointless pieces of clothing ever again.

One last comment before I go, another great thing about freeballing is after I get out of the shower every morning before school I always have a hot pair of jean's coming out of the dryer right onto my bare ass, and that feeling will never get old.

Now I am done ranting haha

Tell me what you think

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Soon To Be Doctor Visit...

So coming up the 30th of november I will be having my 18 year physical ( I'll turn 18 on the 23rd), and I have no idea what the doctor will be doing exactly, But I know at some point he will be feeling my ballsack to see if they are in order and stuff...

Now I dont know if he will make me strip and change into a gown, or just feel my ballsack inside my pants ... back before 9th grade started for me, he did this for my high school physical/checkup, which is routine for incoming freshmen.

but I have no idea, If because I'm 18 They will have me change into the gown, and I'll be embarrased to say I have no underwear on, but now that I think of it, they will have me change by myself and leave the room and probably won't see me naked under the gown, and maybe see a buldge or something.

but now back to my main worry or point I know I'll be freeballing to the doctor and ussually my dad goes with me, to the doctor, and he will probably go this time too, and if he does the down pants thing he'll see I'm underwearless, and probably make a comment to my dad, being he'll still be in the room.

so the only thing I can think of to avoid this from happening is to tell my dad, "I'm 18 now I'll go to the doctor by myself" ect.

but if worst comes to worst I'll maybe wear udnerwear which I don't think I can do, being I'm so used to freeballing, and I've tried to go back before, and hated it alot.

please anyone who reads this, say what you think

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Freeballing and The Bathroom

(For the gay freeballers too) (Sorry for the straight one's, including me, but I couldn't think of a picture and only found this)
As long as I've been freeballing full-time, (about 4.5 months) I have been to the bathroom at my school (peeing) alot, at first I was scared to, and afraid I'd leave a stain or a wet spot, but now I don't care, I've realized how easy it is to whip my penis out and go, and because theres no underwear to constrict it, sometimes I don't even have to watch it go, and can go hand's free.

I still have my way of shaking, and from what I've heard on different sites like TFF, you should stroke the bottom of your ballsack or something, I've tried that and it didn't work, I just pull it forward and back ( like masturbating, sorry to disgust anyone) and shake it alot, until I don't see any more urine on the tip of my penis.

Now if I don't get all of the pee out, I almost like the feeling of the little dribble left on the tip of my penis, like floating in midair inside my pants, that probably sounds really wierd, but I bet someone knows what I'm talking about.

I couldn't think of a topic so this was the one, I never thought I could have this long of a post about peeing haha

that's all from channel Nate here,
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My Weekend And More...

(Here' a funny Joke that worked both ways, sorry you can't see it, it leads to a website so please click on the picture to read the comic)

Last weekend was a very fun one indeed, and freeballing made it so much better, as usual.
Friday was boring
and Saturday was until about 5 pm

At 5 I had 2 friends over for a halo 3 (video game) party, and I bet some of you are like, how can you have a party for that, but that doesn't matter, they stayed the whole night and none of us got any sleep and they both went home about noon or so the next day.

Now what happened or almost happened, I was kidding around with one of them and he was mad at me or something (In a kidding way), I cant remember what he was mad at me about), but at one point he made the gesture like he was gonna pants me, but he never actually did.

If he would have that would have been really embarrassing for me and him, mostly him, if you know what I mean, He isn't like homophobic or anything, but seeing my bare balls and penis, would have definitely freaked him out a lot.

that's all that happened, thankfully.

I just thought I would share this story with someone and see what they have to say about it, so please comment....

that's all from channel Nate here,
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My Freeballing In PE So Far............

Hello all readers of this awesome blog,

As you know I've been freeballing for a month full-time, and would have been 4 months if I wouldn't have gone back for one day, which i don't even count.

But now back to my main story
over the past month, I have freeballed every day including every single weekday for PE, and it seems like every day it keeps getting better and better.

With the feel of the mesh gym shorts, on my package, the best part is when I'm changing and I squat down to tie my shoes and everything is tight in that region.

And when I'm running, the feeling of my junk flopping around is unbelievable, the only thing I'm self conscious about is that someone Will see my junk flopping around and ask if I'm wearing underwear, and I'd get all uncomfortable, but it hasn't happened yet and hope it doesn't happen.

And me freeballing every day for school is awesome too, I love the feeling of my jeans on my package also, and the best feeling even though I realized this a Long time ago, is that I am the only one that knows I'm freeballing.

Also as I didn't say before I have this friend, who I change with in the locker rooms, and the day after I realised I was freeballing fulltime, I told him I don't wear underwear, and he was like cool, and didn't mind at all, and for a week or so, I had him face forward when I was changing being I was uncomfortable with him talking to me when I was changing, but now it's just routine and I don't care if he's facing me when I'm changing.
He even talked to me about one time, he didn't pack enough underwear for vacation and he had to freeball for a day or two, but he said he hated it alot, which is really confusing to me, if you know what I mean, he said he hates how loose and how the feeling of nothing between your pants and your legs feels, but everything he hates, I and every other freeballer loves about the whole freeballing thing, being the point of freeballing,haha.

He asked me why I freeball, and I said because I hate boxers and the way they bunch up, and he said, what are you talking about, your wearing them wrong or something, I'm like ok, and had no idea what he was talking about.

As my final note again I'm glad I was finally able to freeball for PE and for the rest of my life...

that's all from channel Nate here, and until next time Mes Amis...
bye now


Freeballing Full-Time.....

Hello and I am Nate
I Do Not Wear Underwear
I am 17
and live in the U.S.
I am in my senior year of high school

Now to make this story more interesting I'm going to start from the beggining,

Here I go, it all started back in 7th grade ( the 02-03 school year)
from the age of my first pair of underwear, I received briefs (white) from my parents, at about 3 years old, until about 7th grade when I was around 13 years old.

We had PE every day, and I obviously wore my briefs because I thought they were comfortable, and no one had made fun of me for wearing them or anything like that, then one day my father, said to me, "nathan if you don't want to be made fun of for wearing briefs you need to wear boxers and stuff like that, this was more coming from my sister (about a year and a half older) who had guy friends that stopped briefs, and wore boxers, She didnt want me to get made fun of, which I could understand, I saw nothing wrong with wearing my breifs still and I was used to them, but yet they still said boxers or even like colored briefs, and I went for the colored briefs, and I wore those until about 8th grade.

In 8th grade I switched to colored boxer briefs, because I wanted to wear boxers because they seemed more comfortable, but yet I wasn't used to that free feeling, so I went to inbetween, and I wore those until about halfway through 9th grade.

In 9th I eventually switched to boxers, and I was soo happy I did, I loved the free feeling and how it was almost daring and exciting, but yet there was one thing that I soon began to hate, how they would ride up too easily, and gat all bunched up and uncomfortable, so I would repeatedly push them down below my ass crack to not have them come back up, but yet it felt wierd to have them below my ass, or they'd come right back up so I eventaully pulled them back up.

Then sometime later, maybe a year later I was online, and I think I searched what I was annoyed with about with boxers, or searched everyone's favorite underwear in a poll or something, and came across this thing called freeballing or going commando and I was like what? What is this? I soon found out it meant to not wear underwear at all, and in my head I was like, people actually do that.... I soon tried it a couple of times at home maybe for like 2 minutes.

Well those two minutes went to doing it at home all the time, when I was alone, because I tried to hide it from my parents, thinking they could tell by my buldge or soemthing, and I was really self concious.

and I eventaully realized they couldn't tell, so I would do it at home more and more, and after I got home from school I would take off my boxers, and this went on for a while, and only home because I would think people would notice I am freeballing, then one day I went out in public freeballing, and realized not one person could tell I had no underwear on.

So that next spring break of this year, which was a week off of school, I stayed at in town , but didn't wear my boxers at all, and I was so much more comfortable for those 7 days of freedom, and was soo happy, until that next mon when I went back to boxers for PE only.
After that I had freeballed every day of weekend or day of break from school, or when we didn't have PE a certain day and thats where this story ends.

And this one begins,
since before last summer I had been freeballing part time
but at the start of last summer I decided to not wear underwear at all, and I did for over 3 months, but then the first day of PE, I knew I was going be self conscious so I went back to my boxers, and for that one day or over 8 hours I was the most uncomfortable person ever, I knew I'd hate it but never this much .

So that next day which was a tuesday, I went back to freeballing full-time and never will go back to those wretched pieces of clothing, and now freeball for PE every single day.

Thats all I have to say
anyone else have anything to say about this topic?
bye now nate

Joey was totally freeballing in his sweats today, his dick was flopping in them everytime he took a step......it was soooo hot!!!!!!!!!